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Accreditation procedure EHF Champions League

With the start of the 2022/23 season, the European Handball Federation and its marketing arm, EHF Marketing GmbH, have introduced a new accreditation procedure for matches in the Machineseeker EHF Champions League and the EHF Champions League Women.

All journalists working for TV and radio, including webTV, webradio and podcasts, have to request accreditation via the new online accreditation system.

This system can be accessed via https://accreditation.ehf.eu.

This is the only way to request accreditation for EHF Champions League matches. Any other form of request, i.e. via email, will not be processed.

Every journalist must create a profile and can subsequently request accreditation for EHF Champions League matches.

Once requested, the information will be forwarded and processed by EHF Marketing and its media partner, Infront.

Information on the request’s status will be shared via email with the respective journalists.

The new accreditation process only applies to the aforementioned groups (TV, radio, webTV, webradio and podcasts). Written media representatives and photographers continue to request their accreditation via the respective home club.

For all support please contact mediaTV@ehfmarketing.com