Trophy Closeup 2 B


A new era

The trophy stands as a symbol for the sport: the dynamic movement of the ball being thrown into a goal combined with the idea of teamwork, which is mirrored by the shield shape and the net.

The mind behind this design is the Spanish company Sustain Awards by OiKo Design Office based in Barcelona which is specialized in the design and production of environmentally friendly trophies.

During the tender process by EHF Marketing, Sustain Awards prevailed against 27 companies and artists from 12 countries around Europe.

For the first time, the trophies will have an identical design for the women’s and men’s editions of the EHF Champions League and also send a signal towards sustainability, as they are partly made from recycled materials, as well as using the discarded materials from the trophy to produce the medals.



Aligned with the trophy, also new medals were introduced at both EHF FINAL4 events. Incorporated into the concept, each medal represents a part of the trophy as it illustrates the exacts middle pentagon of the trophies net. Thus, every participating player can take a piece of the trophy home.


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