Moslavac: “Nexe deserve a spot among the top eight teams”

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EHF / Danijela Vekić

As the EHF European League Men main round heads into round 3, RK Nexe are ready to host RK Gorenje Velenje in the reverse fixture in Croatia on Tuesday after the teams played to a draw in Slovenia a week ago. Nexe have a clear goal in sight – advancing to the quarter-finals again. Their mixture of experience and future stars seems a good base for it, as top scorer Luka Moslavac says.

20240227 ELM Nexe Moslavac Quote
Our defence is good and if we continue like that, our goalkeepers will have an easier job. Our transition and fast breaks are our forte. I believe we are a better team than Velenje and I hope we will prove that on Tuesday.
Luka Moslavac
Left back, RK Nexe

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