Brest tilt balance their way, CSM with a significant advantage

ER 2842 (1)
EHF / Danijela Vekić

The first leg of the EHF Champions League Women play-offs on Saturday produced two exciting games. CSM Bucuresti boosted their chances of progressing further to the quarter-finals after a convincing victory over Krim Mercator Ljubljana in the Match of the Week. Brest Bretagne prolonged their unbeaten streak in the competition to nine after a well-fought win against FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria.

Morel 2
It is always a pleasure to play against FTC, it was a tight fight for the win. It doesn’t mean we can be calm, we have to continue working to prepare for next week.
Pablo Morel
Head coach, Brest Bretagne Handball
Congratulations to Brest, we played a very good game today. Maslova played also very well, I hope next year she plays like this all the time, just in our green jersey. With the team we will do everything this week to correct our mistakes for next week.
Angela Malestein
Right wing, FTC-Rail Cargo Hungaria
I would like to thank the fans for the great atmosphere. I believe that we will give them back in the second game what they deserved today. We never give up and everything is still open before the return game. We can definitely give even more than we showed this time.
Dragan Adžic
Head coach, Krim Mercator Ljubljana
Both teams know each other very well, and Dragan Adžic and I are in close contact. And that always makes it more difficult to play. Nevertheless, I am satisfied. This game was very important for us and it is a good feeling to come home with an advantage before the return leg.
Adrian Vasile
Head coach, CSM Bucuresti

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