20211021 Veszprem Flensburg Ligetvári
EHF Champions League

Veszprém reduce Flensburg to silence

EHF / Kevin Domas

Magnus Rod, Goran Johannessen and Franz Semper are clearly important players for Flensburg to be missing right now. Tonight, in Veszprém, the German side clearly needed some variety offensively, and Veszprém made the most of it, opening a clear gap right from the first minute. 

The Hungarian side might not have played the best game ever, but tonight, they proved once again they will be a force to be counted on in the forthcoming weeks.  


Telekom Veszprem HC (HUN) vs SG Flensburg-Handewitt (GER) 28:23 (14:8) 

  • fired up by another fantastic performance by Rodrigo Corrales, who recorded eight saves in the first alone, the hosts cruised in the first half. The Hungarian side was already four goals up after ten minutes, and their maximum gap was seven goals many times before the break
  • the visitors regained some confidence after half-time, thanks to Teitur Einarsson, their new left-hander who arrived this week. Scoring five, he gave Flensburg some much needed goals
  • despite that, Veszprém still kept the upper hand, making their advantage culminate at nine goals before slowing down the pace in the final minutes, giving their opponents the opportunity to come closer on the scoreboard
  • Veszprém’s Manuel Strlek was the game’s top scorer, with seven goals
  • the Hungarian side are now top of the group with eight points, level with Kielce, while Flensburg remain second-last, with one point

Flensburg’s offensive disaster 

For a while, one thought that Flensburg were going to break their 2017 record for least goals scored in a half, with only seven goals netted over 30 minutes. But Jim Gottfridsson threw the ball past Rodrigo Corrales just one minute left before the break, and prevented this game from making history. That does not mean the German side found many solutions against Rodrigo Corrales, who stopped eight shots in the first 30 minutes, paving the way for a Veszprém win. 

20211021 Veszprem Flensburg Momir Ilic
The first half was really good: tough defending, good goalkeeping and we were smart in attack. In the second half our attack and defence got a bit worse, we made mistakes. I’ll try to find a solution for this problem, so that we can keep up the good performance until the end.
Momir Ilic
Coach, Veszprém
20211021 Veszprem Flensburg Maik Machulla
We started really bad, especially in defence, there was no aggression whatsoever, Veszprém could score easy goals. I tried to play seven against six but it didn’t work either. However, I’m very satisfied with the second half, our defending improved a lot.
Maik Machulla
Coach, Flensburg

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