The quarter-finals race still on after Ikast's and CSM's important wins

ER 2842 (1)
EHF / Danijela Vekić

French powerhouse Metz Handball welcomed their first defeat after nine consecutive wins in the EHF Champions League Women 2023/24 as Ikast Handbold produced a strong performance, especially in the second half. Having Kasper Christensen's team victorious, the hunt for the two quarter-final spots in group B is now all open in the last round.


In group A, CSM Bucuresti clinched a crucial win against BBM Bietigheim and still have a chance to join Györi Audi ETO KC in the quarter-finals, provided they beat Odense Håndbold next weekend. Katharina Filter's 20 saves sealed the deal for Brest Bretagne Handball's seventh win of the season.

Csm Cropped
Champions League games are never easy. We're obviously very happy about the fact we've managed to win the last two games against quality opponents. In the second half we were struggling with Bietigheim proving to be a really good team! Girls put in a lot of work today, and I'd like to use the opportunity to congratulate them on everything they did in the last few weeks.
Adrian Vasile
Head coach, CSM Bucuresti
Bbm Cropped
First of all congrats to CSM, they are a very good team. I am very proud of my team as we showed a good team spirit in the second half. I think overall it was a good game!
Gabriela Goncalves Dias Moreschi
Goalkeeper, SG BBM Bietigheim
Brest Cropped
Of course I am very happy with my performance this evening but I also want to salute the performance of the team. I was helped a lot by my defense!
Katharina Filter
Goalkeeper, Brest Bretagne Handball
Savehof Cropped
Of course firstly I would like to congratulate the BBH team. There was a very good atmosphere in the arena today. We have a very young team and we had a very good match tonight. We made some technical errors and we came across a very good goalkeeper from Brest. I'm happy with our performance and the players this evening, as I feel like they showed character.
Jesper Östlund
Head coach, IK Sävehof
Ikast Cropped
We met a good team today with some really good players. We were prepared for a running game, but it also turned out to be a really physical game as well. In the end, I feel like it could have gone both ways, but we were happy to have Irma Schjött between posts. I'm so proud of this game.
Stine Ruscetta Skogrand
Right back, Ikast Handbold
Metz Cropped
It was really nice to see so many people in Ikast today and play in this really nice atmosphere. It was a hard game, we had some troubles in the first half, but I think we came back in the second and made it a good game.
Kristina Jørgensen
Centre back, Metz Handball

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