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They are hip, they are trendy, and they have loads of followers on their social media channels.

Live from the MVM Dome in Budapest, four international influencers will be sharing their impressions of the EHF FINAL4 Women 2022 with their fans this weekend.

French duo Melody Donchet and Andreas Cetkovic, Zozo Kempf of Hungary, and Denmark's Tobias Møller will live the on-site experience to the fullest – and, of course, keep their hundreds of thousands of followers up to date.

Watching Györi Audi ETO KC, Team Esbjerg, Metz Handball, and Vipers Kristiansand battle it out for the EHF Champions League 2021/22 title will mark the first attendance at a major handball event for all four influencers – and they are more than excited to be part of it.

“I am super excited to watch the EHF FINAL4. This will be my first ever big sports event to attend as a spectator – and a supporter of Györi ETO,” says Zozo, who is a BMX rider. “I cannot wait to share my experience and the vibe of the event with all my fans.”

For Tobias, the sport of handball doesn’t have many secrets.

“I have played handball for many years myself and have always watched it at home with my family when big events occurred,” says Tobias, a full-time YouTuber.

“So being able to attend the EHF FINAL4 in real life is crazy. I can’t wait to feel the atmosphere around the arena, attend the on-site events, and watch the games.”

The four will not just be sharing their content, they will also get involved in several activities in and around the MVM Dome.

Melody, a professional football freestyler, will challenge the players from Metz to do some football tricks. In return, she will receive some tips on how to perform a spin shot. Melody will also show her skills in the Fan Village on Saturday, doing tricks with a ball others can only dream of.

“I am excited to be in Budapest for the EHF FINAL4 Women to support Metz Handball. Now that all the fans are back in the arena, I think it is going to be a very nice experience,” Melody says.

“I am looking forward to meeting the players, participating in all the on-site activities, and sharing everything on my social media channels. Stay tuned!”

All four influencers will be part of the shows that are running from Friday until Sunday on the official Home of Handball Twitch channel.

Each influencer will meet the team she or he is supporting, and they will be in the stands for all four matches, catching the atmosphere in and around the MVM Dome.

Handball fans around the globe can follow the experiences of the four influencers on their respective channels and can get in touch or ask questions via their Instagram Stories. Also, the Twitch shows will offer viewers the possibility to ask questions.

Influencers at EHF FINAL4 Women 2022:

Melody Donchet and Andreas Cetkovic – France

Melody is the queen of freestyle, having won almost every possible prize in the sport. She is a pro female football freestyler and six-time world champion. Her colleague Andreas, pro football freestyler as well, is trying to follow in her footsteps and become a legend in this sport.

Social media channels:

Zozo Kempf – Hungary

Zozo is a BMX rider from Szeged. He became amateur world champion in 2013 at the BMX Worlds. Since 2018, he has participated in multiple sports entertainment competition-based TV shows in Hungary, such as Dancing with the Stars, Ninja Warrior, or Exatlon.

Social media channels:

Tobias Møller – Denmark

The 22-year-old Tobias from Denmark is full-time youtuber. In love with sports, he is a former handball player and football player. Now, most of his time is dedicated to creating cool content for his channels.

Social media channels:

Photos Melody & Zozo courtesy of Facebook

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