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GOG performance leads to Veszprém’s first home loss in two years

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The first duel between Telekom Veszprém and GOG this season was decided by a buzzer-beater from Petar Nenadic (31:30). The re-match in Hungary was a similar thriller, and again the visitors took the points. 

Thanks to an impressive performance from goalkeeper Tobias Thulin and a high-scoring quintet, the Danish champions shocked Veszprém 37:36 on their court. This was their first home defeat in the Machineseeker EHF Champions League since 4 February 2021, a 34:37 loss versus Barca. GOG remain on the fifth position, but extended their lead over Zagreb to three points, while Veszprém now are two points behind Paris. 

Telekom Veszprém (HUN) vs GOG (DEN) 36:37 (21:19)

  • GOG started with a 4:0 run, and stayed ahead until minute 20, when Veszprém took the lead for the first time. Two Serbs were the key for the 21:19 half-time lead: left back Petar Nenadic and Vladimir Cupara, who had replaced Rodrigo Corrales in the goal 
  • boosted by goals from world champions Simon Pytlick and Emil Madsen, GOG turned the match around again, pulling ahead 28:24 
  • again Cupara stood in their way, bringing his team closer with more of his ten overall saves. His counterpart, Tobias Thulin had even more saves (16) and was the cornerstone for his team 
  • the last 15 minutes were on the edge, but while Veszprém managed to draw level three times they never could take the lead; finally Emil Madsen scored the winner’s strike with his eighth goal in the last minute 
  • On Wednesday, Veszprém announced the transfer of French Olympic and world champion, Nedim Remili (formerly with Kielce) with immediate effect. The right back will replace injured Egyptian, Yahia Omar - and is eligible to play in the Champions League after the conclusion of the group phase 

A quintet combines for 34 goals 

Three young Danes, an experienced fellow countryman and a Swedish wing were GOG's heroes in Veszprém: Two world champions - Lukas Jørgensen (aged 23) and Simon Pytlick (22) - along with Emil Madsen (22) combined for 21 goals, while veteran Morten Olsen (38) and Swedish international Jerry Tollbring (27) added 13 more goals in this high-speed and high-scoring match.

World Championship All-star left back Pytlick was mostly unstoppable, and he leads a GOG trio in Champions League goals this season with 65 goals ahead of Madsen (64) and Olsen (63).

It was a tough and fast game. We did not show our best form as we started the game badly. We have to improve for the upcoming games.
Yehia Elderaa
Centre back, Veszprém
We managed to win in this fantastic arena. We honestly did not expect it, but of course we are very happy that we can play with such game intelligence until the end.
Nicolej Krickau
Head coach, GOG

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