EHF webinar on communication between referees and coaches

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Ever wondered what gets said on the sidelines during a heated match? Join the EHF Webinar on Friday 16 June 2023 at 13:00 CEST when the topic is: Refereeing Communication with Coaches.

The webinar consists of a talk with EHF delegate Paivi Mitrunen, referee Tatjana Prastalo, and a coach as a surprise guest.

These non-playing protagonists of the handball world will be discussing a wide range of topics. What is allowed for a coach during a match? Can they speak to a referee during a game? Are they allowed to gesticulate when complaining about a refereeing decision?

And what does role of a delegate really involve? Should they act like the thermostat of a radiator? Should the delegate look for mistakes on the bench or try to avoid them?

What about the world of refereeing and any changes that Tatjana thinks should be made? Is the yellow card for coaches a limit that should not be crossed? Should the referee have to explain a decision to a coach that was not clear?

Questions, questions, questions... find out the answers and the panels' opinions on these and other topics in the EHF Webinar on Friday 16 June at 13:00 CEST.

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