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Meshkov and Montpellier share points after thriller 

EHF / Kevin Domas

Montpellier will not match their longest winning streak in the EHF Champions League. The players from the French side might have thought that it was a done deal when Lucas Pellas scored a fastbreak to give MHB a two-goal advantage at the 57th minute. 

But Mikita Vailupau decided otherwise, with the Brest right-wing stealing a ball and scoring the last two goals for his team, making sure they would be taking points for the second game in a row.



HC Meshkov Brest (BLR) vs Montpellier HB (FRA) 31:31 (17:18) 

  • The first half was all about both teams playing back and forth. The visitors were ahead most of the time, taking maximum advantage of three goals at the 28th minute, but without ever managing to retain it. Consequently, Meshkov remained in the game and were only down by one at half-time. 
  • Both sides shared the leading position after the break. Montpellier could count on Karl Wallinius and Lucas Pellas. The Swedish duo scored a combined twenty goals to keep the lead. 
  • But Brest made a late comeback, powered by their right-winger Mikita Vailupau, who scored nine, including the last two goals for his side. 
  • Lucas Pellas finished top scorer of the game, scoring 13 for Montpellier. 
  • Despite this draw, Montpellier remain on top of the group, with sixteen points, while Meshkov are seventh, tied with Zagreb with four points. 


Mikita Vailupau saved the day for Meshkov 

For 57 minutes, one thought that the player of the game would be either Karl Wallinius or Lucas Pellas, the two Swedish players from Montpellier. But the last two minutes made us change our minds, as Mikita Vailupau saved the day for his team. The right-winger already had a great game before that, having scored seven (nine goals from 12 shots in total). Still, his steal and his last two goals, including the equalizer twenty seconds before the final siren, gave his game a completely different taste. One that almost tastes like victory. 

1R6A9949 X2
First of all, my first words go to our head coach Dani Gordo who missed another game tonight. Although his PCR-test was negative he preferred to stay home to keep players and staff safe. So today’s point is also for his work. We had a tough game. Our opponents are one of the best teams in the Champions League, top of the group. The result showed what was happening during the game. Our team showed the character and tied the game in the end.
Nuno Miguel De Melo Farelo
HC Meshkov Brest coach
A9930 X2
They played without a head coach. We knew that coming here and playing would be hard. Meshkov Brest didn’t start well in this season but they have got a lot of top players and now they are showing their real level. It was a real fight in the Brest fortress. We would have preferred two points as we had a two-goal lead a few minutes before the end but let’s not forget that we were two goals behind previously in the game. We are top of the group before Christmas and this is historical for us.
David Degouy
Montpellier HB coach

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