4 EHF EURO All-stars, 11 nations, 6,956 Goals

Two EHF Champions League winners, three EHF Cup champions, two former Cup Winners’ Cup title-holders, eight players who won the Men’s EHF EURO 2022 – here are some ingredients of the EHF European League Men when the competition heads into its knockout phase with the Last 16.

0 teams from the same country face in the Last 16, but two quarter-final pairings could become national derbies: Nantes/Füchse vs Magdeburg/Sporting and Toulouse/Benfica vs Velenje/Nimes.

0 teams failed to win a single point in the group phase, compared to two in the previous season.

0 teams won all 10 group matches in the group phase.

1 group match ended with fewer than 45 goals: Presov vs Plock 15:29.

1 former EHF Champions League top scorer is part of the Last 16: Füchse Berlin’s Hans Lindberg, who was CL top scorer in 2012/13 for Hamburg – as well as EHF Cup top scorer in 2016/17 and 2017/18 for Füchse.

2 former EHF Champions League winners are still part of the competition: SC Magdeburg (2002) and Bidasoa Irun (1995).

2 players who have won the ‘golden four’ (OG, WCh, EURO, CL) are still in the competition: Michaël Guigou (FRA/Nimes) and Hans Lindberg (DEN/Füchse).

2 of the Last 16 participants played at the EHF FINAL4 in the past: Füchse and Nantes – who play against each other in the Last 16.

3 former EHF Cup winners are still in the race for the EHF European League tropy, and they are all from Germany: Berlin, Magdeburg and Lemgo.

3 of the four teams at the EHF Finals 2021 are still in the race this season: Magdeburg, Berlin, and Plock; Rhein-Neckar Löwen went out in the qualification.

4 players that are part of the Last 16 were members of the Men’s EHF EURO 2022 All-star Team: Danish right back Mathias Gidsel (currently injured), his GOG teammates Viktor Hallgrímsson (Iceland/goalkeeper) and Oscar Bergendahl (Sweden/best defender), and Füchse left wing Milos Vujovic (Montenegro); also, Magdeburg’s Icelandic goal-getter Omar Ingi Magnusson was top scorer with 59 goals.

5 teams made it to the Last 16 after starting their campaign in qualification round 1: GOG, Schaffhausen, Toulouse, Benfica, and Nexe.

7 group matches ended with 70 or more goals, compared to only two last season.

9 of the 16 teams were also part of the Last 16 last season: Magdeburg, Berlin, Plock, Nimes, Nexe, GOG, Sporting, Pelister, and Kadetten.

11 group matches ended in a draw; Nantes and Kadetten had three draws each.

11 nations are represented by the 16 teams: FRA and GER have three teams in competition; POR two; CRO, DEN, ESP, MKD, POL, SLO, SUI and SWE with one each.

15 group matches ended with a difference of 10 or more goals; compared to 11 matches with a 10-goal difference last season.

15 was the fewest goals scored by a team in one group match: Presov lost 29:15 against Plock.

16 players still in the competition won medals at the EHF EURO 2022: eight Swedish gold medallists, four Spanish silver medallists, and 4 Danish bronze medallists.

16 goals was the biggest winning margin of a match in the group phase when GOG beat Cocks 46:30.

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19 was the highest number of group phase points by one team: Magdeburg; next in line were Plock (18) and Füchse (16).

28 matches are still scheduled this season: 16 in the Last 16, eight in the quarter-finals, and four at the EHF Finals Men on 28/29 May 2022.

41 group matches were won by the visiting team.

46 was the highest number of goals scored by a team in a group match, when GOG beat Cocks 46:30.

50 group matches ended with 60 or more goals – 15 matches more than last season.

66 group matches were won by the home team.

77 was the highest amount of goals in a group match, when GOG beat Benfica 39:38.

340 goals were scored by GOG in the group phase, the highest figure for any team; next in line were Benfica (336) and Lemgo (319), all three teams played in group B.

6,956 goals were scored in the group phase: 1,714 in group A, 1,775 in group B, 1,806 in group C, and 1,661 in group D; the average was 58.95 goals per match.

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Top 3 lists after the EHF European League Men group phase

Most goals:
77 – GOG vs Benfica 39:38
76 – GOG vs Cocks 46:30
74 – Lemgo vs Nantes 37:37, Lemgo vs GOG 39:35

Fewest goals:
44 – Presov vs Plock 15:29
46 – Tatabánya vs Pelister 25:21, Nimes vs Tatabánya 24:22
47 – Pelister vs Nimes 21:26

Biggest winning margin:
+16 goals – GOG vs Cocks 46:30
+14 goals – Tatabánya vs Sporting 23:37, Presov vs Plock 15:29, Winterthur vs Irun 23:37, Toulouse vs Presov 34:20

Most points:
19 – Magdeburg
18 – Plock
16 – Füchse

Most wins:
9 – Plock, Magdeburg
8 – Füchse
7 – GOG, Benfica

Most goals scored:
340 – GOG
336 – Benfica
319 – Lemgo

Fewest goals conceded:
248 – Pelister
258 – Plock
265 – Toulouse

Top scorers (group phase only):
78 – Mohamed Sanad (EGY/Nimes)
74 – Bjarki Mar Elisson (ISL/Lemgo)
68 – Halil Jaganjac (CRO/Nexe)

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