SUMMARY: Metz, Esbjerg, Gyor and Bietigheim secure FINAL4 tickets

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The line-up for the EHF FINAL4 Women 2024 on 1/2 June in Budapest will be confirmed this weekend following the second leg of the EHF Champions League Women quarter-finals. The schedule contains four high-profile clashes, including the MOTW between record champions Györi Audi ETO KC and titleholders Vipers Kristiansand on Saturday at 18:00 CEST.

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Of course we're really happy with this final outcome, and the fact we'll compete against the best on the EHF FINAL4 tournament once again. You've got to have a quality team to be there, and I feel like we've got a chance against anyone.
Anna Opstrup Kristensen
Goalkeeper, Team Esbjerg
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We've had a lot of ups and downs throughout the game, but we fought really hard through everything. I have to say I'm really proud of what we did, and I'm happy to be a part of this team. Obviously, we've got to find a way to improve in terms of being able to play on the highest possible level throughout the entire course of the game, as that's simply something you've got to be able to do if you want to succeed on the highest possible level.
Xenia Smits
Left back, SG BBM Bietigheim
20240504 Gyor Vipers Kristiansen Quote
I really felt that we were fighting the whole way in the game and so did Vipers. We’re in the EHF FINAL4, so who cares that we lost today? Vipers came with a different kind of speed. They had Katrine Lunde in goal today that just saved everything. We still have the biggest thing to win this season, and we are going for that one.
Veronica Kristiansen
Left back, Györi Audi ETO KC
20240504 Gyor Vipers Lunde Quote
I’m really proud of the team today, we fought and we really believed that we can do it. It was a bit too many goals back in Norway. It was just about the small things today.
Katrine Lunde
Goalkeeper, Vipers Kristiansand
20240501 Metz CSM Sako Quote
Finally I can feel joy about this qualification. It was a big match. I knew that we needed to fight and today we fight, we fought also for the first match. It’s a big present for us tonight, we work a lot for this kind of match. I wanted before I leave Metz to go to the EHF FINAL4 and for my last season I will go, I am very proud of that.
Hatadou Sako
Goalkeeper, Metz Handball

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