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Statement on handball matches in and around the Ukraine

The European Handball Federation has issued a statement on upcoming matches in and around the Ukraine
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As over the next days and weeks a number of European club and national team handball matches are scheduled to take place in Ukraine as well as within closer proximity to the Ukraine border and given the current overall situation in the region, the European Handball Federation issues the following statement:

For all those matches, the European Handball Federation is in close contact with the clubs and federations in question. Information and advice from the relevant authorities is being sought and the development of the situation is constantly being monitored.

As the monitoring over the past days has shown, the situation is constantly evolving with changes and interpretations of the overall situation happening regularly.

With this in mind and with the health and safety of the players and officials as well as the integrity of its competitions being the highest priority, the European Handball Federation assesses the situation for each match individually and bases any eventual decision on the information available.

Following this approach, the EHF Champions League Men match, HC Motor Zaporozhye vs Paris Saint-Germain Handball, initially scheduled for 17 February, was postponed earlier this week.

The EHF European Cup Women match, Galychanka Lviv vs H71 scheduled for 13 February, was also postponed with the further handling coordinated by the EHF.

Furthermore, the upcoming EHF European Cup Men match, SKIF Krasnodar vs Drammen HK on 19 February, will not be played as scheduled.

Decisions for forthcoming matches in handball competitions governed by the European Handball Federations will be made in the same way and the decisions taken will subsequently be communicated to all stakeholders. 

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