Ryu, Amorim, and Elghaoui predict the EHF EURO 2022

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The start of the Women’s EHF EURO 2022 is just around the corner and everybody is eager to see what the 16 teams are bringing to the court. So, what do non-European stars Eduarda Amorim, Asma Elghaoui and Ryu Eun Hee expect from the tournament?

Yes, it is that time, when predictions are made, bets between friends are wagered and the foundation of plenty of “I told you so” is laid down.

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But for such a balanced tournament, it is always difficult to pin down exactly who the favourites are for the medals, which player will become the MVP of the tournament or who is going to be the top scorer of the competition.

That is why we enlisted the help of several high-profile stars of the handball world – from outside Europe, but with a fine knowledge of the EHF EURO, as they feature or have featured plenty of years at clubs where the stalwarts of the competition are cutting their teeth.

So, get ready for the unbiased opinions of Györi Audi ETO KC’s Ryu Eun Hee, SCM Ramnicu Valcea’s Asma Elghaoui and former Györ, Rostov and CSM Bucuresti stalwart Eduarda Amorim.

Mixed opinion for the gold medal

The All-star line player of the EHF Champions League Women in 2020, Elghaoui was born in Tunisia, but has also represented Hungary, after gaining citizenship, and has featured for Romanian powerhouse SCM Ramnicu Valcea since 2019.

Therefore, her knowledge about handball in that part of Europe is next to none, having played in France, Russia, Hungary and Romania for the last 10 years.

For the EHF EURO 2022, Elghaoui thinks that France are the favourites to win the trophy, with Norway, Denmark and Sweden fighting for the other two medals.

“I think France will win the gold. They have a mix with many experienced players and young talented rookies. In his last EHF EURO, coach Olivier Krumbholz will want to win the medal and the players will give everything for that to happen.”

“Norway have a very experienced coach and a very good team that can win the silver, while Denmark and Sweden can fight for the bronze medal,” says Elghaoui.

However, the opinion is divided between the three players in regards to the winner. Ryu Eun Hee relies on Norway’s credentials to secure their ninth gold medal at the EHF EURO, while Duda Amorim sees Denmark as favourites, after the Scandinavian side missed out on a medal, conceding a loss against Croatia at the bronze medal game in 2020.

Norwegian players to make the most of it

Individual awards are the talk of the town at the Women’s EHF EURO, generating plenty of discussions. In the past, the MVP has always been head and shoulders above the other players throughout the tournament. But this time around?

Ryu Eun Hee, who is currently preparing for the AHF Women’s Asian Championship, hosted by the Republic of Korea, sees only one viable candidate: Norway’s captain, Stine Bredal Oftedal, her teammate from Györ, who always sets up the right back with excellent passes at club level.

Elghaoui thinks that France’s “brain”, Grace Zaadi, will secure the MVP award, showing great leadership on the court.

On the other hand, Amorim, who was an excellent left back, focuses on a player that features on that position, the MVP of the EHF FINAL4 in 2021, Norway’s Henny Reistad.

The opinions are also divided when it comes to the top scorer: former Brazilian captain Amorim bets on Slovenia’s Ana Gros to impress at the tournament co-hosted by them, Ryu thinks Nora Mørk will write history and secure her third title of top goal scorer, while Asma Elghaoui relies on another player from the co-hosts.

Right wing Jovanka Radicevic needs only four goals to set the all-time record in the EHF Champions League Women and she will be invigorated by playing at home, says Elghaoui.

“The fact that she will be playing in her home court that will give her even more motivation for the show and scoring goals that’s her. She is the fulcrum of that Montenegrin team,” says the Tunisian-born line player.

Prediction time for Hungary and Romania

Also, how far will the national teams from ‘their’ leagues advance at the EHF EURO 2022?

For Duda Amorim, that will be Hungary, after having featured for Györ between 2009 and 2021. The answer? A top 6 placement at the end of the tournament, an assumption also confirmed by current Györ star, Ryu Eun Hee.

“I know that they have some injured players, so it will be hard for them, but I really hope they will do well and finish in the top 8 teams in the competition,” says the Korean right back.

And for Romania, the team Elghaoui loves to follow?

“They also have many injuries and missing players, so it will be difficult. They need an excellent game at such a tournament, without players like Cristina Laslo,” says Elghaoui. “But they still got good players and can play some super handball.”

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