20221122 Balatonfuredi KSE Skjern Handbold 29
EHF European League

Nexe and Granollers remain unbeaten

ER 2842 (1) EHF / Danijela Vekić

Nothing has changed for Fraikin BM. Granollers and Nexe after a three-week break as they continued a positive streak in the competition. While Granollers had an easy task against Alpla Hard, Nexe fought hard against Sporting in Nasice, securing a win in the last seconds with Ivan Srsen being the hero of the night. Injury-depleted Balatonfüred could not put on a surprise against Skjern at home pushing the Danish club to third place in the group.


Balatonfüred KSE (HUN) vs Skjern Handbold (DEN) 28:31 (15:16)

Skjern snatched the second win of the season leaving Balatonfüred without points earned. It was a level game in the first half with Skjern having a minimum advantage. The Danish club could not make a wider gap as Arián Andó had a good performance between the posts, having nine saves at 28 per cent save efficiency. Skjern made a decisive 3-0 goal run mid-way through the second half with the help of Alfred Joel Jönsson, who was one of the two top scorers in the Danish team with eight goals. Despite good performances by Stevan Sretenovic and Milan Gostovic, the Hungarian side could not make their fans happy and lost the third match in a row.

RK Nexe (CRO) vs Sporting CP (POR) 32:31 (22:16)

The Croatian side earned their third win of the season despite almost losing their well-earned first-half lead. The Costa brothers made their team's comeback in the second half but their high performance was not enough to leave Nasice with points. Sporting were trailing by five already after 15 minutes. All five goals came from Martim and Francisco Costa, and the Portuguese club could not find a solution for Nexe's transition and strong defence, completely shutting down opponents. Hope woke up 10 minutes into the second half as Sporting took advantage of Nexe's mistakes coming from their 5-1 defence, and closed the gap to only two goals (22:24). In the last minute, Martim Costa leveled to 31:31 and in a nail-biting end in Nasice Ivan Srsen became his team's hero, scoring five seconds before the final buzzer for the win with his signature shot. Alongside Srsen, Tomislav Severec and Fahrudin Melic stood out with six and 11 goals respectively.

Fraikin BM. Granollers (ESP) vs Alpla HC Hard (AUT) 38:28 (18:14)

Granollers remain unbeaten as they left no doubt on the court against Alpla Hard. The Spanish vice-champions started well, leaving Hard without a goal in the first seven minutes. Nikola Stevanovic's strong shots from right back brought his team back into the game (4:4) and kept being a threat to the opponents up until the 20th minute of the match. Guilherme Torriani pushed Granollers towards a four-goal lead at halftime and his team were working on widening that gap throughout the next 30 minutes. Inexperienced Alpla Hard could not keep up with the Spaniards who hit the 10-goal lead mark 10 minutes before the end. Sergi Franco i Miro led Granollers, netting six times.

20221122 Granollers Alpla
As my coach said we had lots of mistakes during our attacks and Granollers is such a great team. This is a lesson for us, we need to play better and maybe train better analysing our mistakes.
Dominik Schmid
Left back, Alpla Hard

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