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Icelandic duo help Magdeburg take the points

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The first confrontation between GOG and SC Magdeburg ended on a last-second goal. Otherwise, the two teams were never been separated by more than three goals on the scoreboard. A very similar scenario played out in Germany, but Magdeburg took the win this time, beating GOG 36:34 in round 9 of the Machineseeker EHF Champions League.

While GOG took a better start, and Magdeburg quickly turned things around before the break, the second half was tense. Although the hosts were always on top, their visitors never gave up.


SC Magdeburg (GER) vs GOG (DEN) 36:34 (21:18)

  • GOG took an early three-goal advantage, but Magdeburg were quick to react. Playing every ball as fast as possible, the German side turned things around
  • Icelander Gisli Kristjansson was the hosts’ main man in the first half, scoring six to help his team take the lead before the break
  • his compatriot Ómar Ingi Magnusson picked up where Kristjansson left off after the break, netting six times in the last 15 minutes to make sure Magdeburg would take the points
  • Mike Jensen was also crucial for the hosts, stopping three shots in the last 10 minutes
  • Magnusson scored 11 for Magdeburg, while Emil Madsen netted just one less for GOG
  • thanks to this win, Magdeburg remain third in the group, with 11 points, while GOG are fifth, with seven


The Icelandic connection does it all for Magdeburg

While Mike Jensen had his moment of glory in the last 10 minutes of the game, saving two shots to allow Magdeburg to take an eventual three-goal advantage, the two Icelandic backcourt players led the hosts to the win. With a total of 11 goals for Ómar Ingi Magnusson and eight for Gisli Kristjansson, the numbers say it all. Even though Magnusson scored more, Kristjansson was key for Magdeburg in the first half, helping them come back when GOG were cruising away on the scoreboard.

GOG play arguably the best handball fastbreaks in the world and it's hard to force them to make mistakes. Therefore, we are happy about two important points in the group.

Christian O'Sullivan
Centre back, SC Magdeburg
It was a tough game at a high level. We were looking forward to this arena and pushed Magdeburg to their limits. I have a lot of respect for my players today.
Nicolej Krickau
Coach, GOG

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