Hygieneregulations B
Last Update: 20 May 2022, 10:31

Hygiene Regulations 2022

Access to the EHF FINAL4 Women 2022 event site will be subject to the prevailing access conditions of the Corona Protection Ordinance of Hungary at the time of the event.

Current status (20 May 2022): At the moment, there is no admission restriction for the event. This means no proof of vaccination/testing is currently required and there is no obligation to wear a mask.

The prevailing protection and hygiene regulations of the Corona Protection Ordinance of Hungary at the time of the event also apply throughout the event site.

The regulations in the Corona Protection Ordinance may be relaxed or also tightened by the law of Hungary at any time. Irrespective of the ordinance, the Budapest Public Health Office may also order further protective measures. Should official orders or the current pandemic situation require or permit it, the Hungarian Handball Federation and the EHF Marketing GmbH reserve the right to take further measures for the protection of all persons involved and/or to make adjustments/revocations to the hygiene regulations.

All visitors will be informed of any changes and the specific protection and hygiene regulations for the EHF FINAL4 Women 2022 prior to the event.