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Heroic Benjamin Buric helps Flensburg win MOTW

EHF / Kevin Domas

With both sides level on 19 points prior to the final round, we could expect a proper final to determine first place in group A on Thursday night in this week’s Match of the Week between Lomza Vive Kielce and SG Flensburg-Handewitt.

As it transpired, in a performance worthy of a final, SG Flensburg-Handewitt goalkeeper Benjamin Buric's inspirational display, particularly in the second half, helped guide his team to a 31:28 win.  

MOTW: Lomza Vive Kielce (POL) vs SG Flensburg-Handewitt (GER) 28:31 (17:19)

  • much like they did last week against Paris Saint-Germain, Flensburg roared offensively throughout the first half
  • with a bouncing Hampus Wanne scoring 10 in the first half alone, the German side took a four-goal advantage in the 23rd minute, before going back to the cabin leading by two (19:17)
  • despite Kielce's more aggressive defence in the second half, Flensburg retained their advantage
  • Flensburg owe a huge thanks to goalkeeper Benjamin Buric, who stopped 11 shots in the second half alone
  • thanks to his 19 saves and his 41% efficiency rate, Flensburg’s Benjamin Buric was chosen as Player of the Match
  • Flensburg, who will face Zagreb in the play-off round, finish top of the group with 21 points, while Kielce, who will meet Nantes in the next phase, finish third with 19 points

Benjamin Buric left Kielce speechless

Having had the opportunities during the game to come back in the second half, Kielce will have regrets.

But Benjamin Buric stepped up and saved Flensburg. Young Kielce left wing Michal Olejniczak had the opportunity to level the score in the 50th minute, but Buric was there – just as he was when he stopped a shot from Alex Dujshebaev a couple of minutes later. What a performance.

I am very proud about this match today and the fact that we got the first place in this very tough group. We had a perfect performance from our goalkeeper, Benjamin Burić. He helped us in difficult periods of the match. We had only 13 players, so some of them had to play 60 minutes and they managed it very well.
Maik Machulla
SG Flensburg-Handewitt head coach

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