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Court of Handball rejects FTC protest

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The Court of Handball has reached a decision on a protest lodged by FTC-Rail Cargo following the DELO EHF Champions League match played on 24 January 2021 against the French club Metz Handball.

The club argued that the EHF referees shall have directly disqualified a player of Metz Handball and subsequently granted a seven-meter throw, for having seven players on the playing court although one of the French club’s players has received a two-minute suspension. By not doing so, the EHF referees had an influence on the final result of the match.

The EHF Court of Handball has found the decision of the EHF referees not to grant a seven-meter throw and solely imposed a two-minutes suspension on one player of Metz Handball, is based on their observation of the factual situation within the course of the match. Such decisions fall under the scope of the EHF Legal Regulations as well as the DELO EHF Champions League Regulations and shall be regarded as factual and thus final decision not being subject to any protest.

The protest is therefore rejected as inadmissible.

An appeal may be filed to the EHF Court of Appeal within three days.

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