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Wheelchair handball experts take centre stage in sixth EHF Activities webinar

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The sixth and final EHF Activities webinar of 2022 features Daniel Magalhães and Marc De Sousa, who will present Wheelchair Handball (six- and four-a-side) on Tuesday 13 December at 18:00 CET.

It has been a landmark year for the sport with Portugal hosting the inaugural World & European Wheelchair Handball Championship in the six-a-side format in Lleira last month, while the first four-a-side event at world level took place in Egypt in September.

The webinar will be led by Daniel Magalhaes, an IHF Referee and physical education teacher who began his refereeing career at the age of 20, and Marc De Sousa, an EHF Expert for Wheelchair Handball and a Technical Delegate.

Participation in the webinar is free of charge and those wishing to participate can sign up HERE.

The previous webinar in the series attracted over 400 participants. Each presentation ends with a Q&A session.

Key topics of the webinar are as follows

  • Wheelchair Handball six-a-side:
    Different cases on the field regarding classification points
    Rules on double dribble/travelling
    Wheelchair specifications
    The task of the delegates
  • Wheelchair Handball four-a-side:
    Progressive line – criteria
    Talking about offensive and defensive blocks
    Spectacular goals
    Talking about straps

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