Valcea open account with clear win over Váci

EHF / Adrian Costeiu

A 9:1 run was the backbone of SCM Ramnicu Valcea’s maiden win in the EHF European League Women, 39:29, against Váci NKSE, as the Romanian side confirmed their credentials as one of the teams to beat this season.

SCM Ramnicu Valcea (ROU) vs Váci NKSE (HUN) 39:29 (21:11)

  • buoyed by four early goals from line player Asma Elghaoui and six saves from goalkeeper Isabelle Roch, who boasted a 60% saving efficiency, Valcea jumped to an early 11:4 lead
  • Hungarian line player Elghaoui had her best-ever outing in European competitions, scoring 11 goals in total, three more than the largest scoring tally previously registered for Valcea, in a DELO EHF Champions League match against Buducnost
  • the 39 goals scored by Valcea were the most in an EHF European competition since the Romanian side also put 39 goals against FC Nurnberg in the main round of the 2007/08 season of the DELO EHF Champions League
  • this was Váci’s fifth loss in their last six games in the EHF European League Women group phase over the last two seasons. The Hungarian side will have a mountain to climb if they are to proceed to the quarter-finals
  • Valcea tie with Viborg at the top of the standings, with two points, before they head to Chambry, while the Hungarian side host Viborg the next weekend

Valcea’s relentless attack impresses

Since his appointment in October 2021, coach Bent Dahl urged his players several times to pay attention to the start of the games and they duly delivered against Váci, with a great defensive performance, matched by a strong attack, who converted 70 per cent of their attacks throughout the game.

Valcea will have their share of trouble in the next games due to a lack of depth in their squad, yet they look like one of the teams who will be eyeing the trophy, especially if they can keep this type of attacking output in the future.



Post-match quotes

Bent Dahl, SCM Ramnicu Valcea coach:

"I am very satisfied how we managed to play our first half, we had a very good preparation. We know they can be a top opponent. The first half was fantastic for us. It was more or less end of the game. I am not so satisfied with the second half, but in the end we finished at 10 goals and if you ask me before the game is a fantastic result."

Katalin Otto, Váci NKSE coach:

"They play at the high level in the first half, I am a little upset for the first half, but I am quiet satisfied with the second half. When we play with a lot of young players. We have many games in the Hungarian championship and this is first step for them."

Asma Elghaoui, SCM Ramnicu Valcea line player:

"We prepared very well for the game and we played a very good game in the first half. It is important because all the players from the board played and scored."

Konszuéla Hámori, Váci NKSE right back:

"It was a very hard game for us. I am very happy for the young players who played today, but not so happy for the result. It was a great atmosphere."

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