SUMMARY: Györ, Krim, Bietigheim and Ikast prolong winning streaks

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Another exciting weekend of the EHF Champions League Women is ahead of us with four matches coming up on Saturday, and four more on Sunday!

  • on Saturday, Györ celebrated in the MOTW against CSM (27:23)
  • later on Krim extended the winning streak against FTC (32:24), Kristiansand sailed through Poland (20:34), and Esbjerg managed to secure a hard-fought win over Metz (29:27)
  • on Sunday, Buducnost managed to reach the first win of the season defeating Sävehof 31:30, and DVSC suffered a home loss against Bietigheim (26:36)
  • Ikast prolonged the winning series to three in a row with a 27:35 victory in Bucharest over Rapid, and Odense celebrated a 25:26 thriller road win against Brest Bretagne
  • all matches available on EHF TV (geo-restrictions may apply)



We've reached the end of another EHF CLW weekend, which clearly means our live coverage is also coming to an end. Thank you for being with us, and see you soon! Until then, follow our social networks for all the important updates, stories, and interviews. Have a great night ahead!


Last year's EHF ELW winners Ikast managed to reach their third win in a row this weekend, and what a way to do it was it. After the game, coach Kasper Christensen was satisfied with the way his team performed: "I'm really happy - especially for the first half as we are a team that loves to have as many possessions as possible during the game. We've had a good tempo today, and I feel like Rapid simply couldn't cope with that. I have to add it was an absolute pleasure to play in this arena, against such an opponents, as I really have a lot of respect for them!"


Another exciting handball weekend is behind us! With three Group Phase rounds in the books, we're left with only four teams that are yet to lose a point - Bietigheim and Györ in Group A, as well as Krim and Ikast in Group B. Sävehof, FTC, and Zaglebie are, on the other hand, yet to win a point. 

On Saturday we've seen Györ defeat CSM in the MOTW, while Esbjerg celebrated at home against Metz. In Ljubljana, Krim defeated last year's finalists FTC handing them their third loss of the season. On the other hand, reigning champs Vipers secured a dominant 20:34 win in Poland against Zaglebie. 

On Sunday, Buducnost secured a win in a match between two teams that have not managed to reach a single point up to that moment, and Bietigheim proved to be a team to watch this season with a dominant outing versus DVSC. Odense celebrated 25:26 in a thriller aganst Brest, while Ikast reached third win in a row defeating Rapid on the road. 


Our daily review, as always, contains all the information you need to know about the games we've seen today, so feel free to check it out. 


With the last two games of the day behind us, it's time to check out some of the best photos from Bucharest and Brest. 


Marketa Jerabkova and Sorina Maria Grozav led their respective teams in attack in the game in Bucharest which ended with Ikast making it three wins from three matches so far this season in the EHF CLW. After defeating Zaglebie last weekend, Rapid have that way suffered another loss.

In France, Thale Rushfeldt Deila led Odense towards a win over Brest Bretagne with eight goals. Maren Nyland Aardahl added six,while Valeriia Maslova scored five for Brest. Odense that way moved to a positive score so far this season in the EHF CLW at 2:1. 





With under ten minutes left to play, Odense has a minimum lead in France which means we're poised for a thriller ending to an eventful EHF CLW handball weekend!


Ball movement here is just something else.


Ten minutes into the second half, Odense has a two-goal lead, while Rapid managed to narow the gap to -7. 

Thale Rushfeldt Deila is shining with seven goals for Odense, Sorina Maria Grozav has six for Rapid, Marketa Jerabkova five for Ikast. 


This is clearly something neither defense nor the goalie expected!


We're watching an exciting game in France with frequent lead changes between the two teams. Odense opened the game with 0:2, then Brest had a 5:0 scoring series, and after the first 30 Odense is two goals in front. Nail-biting second half is clearly ahead of us. 

In Bucharest Ikast is once again proving to be one of the favorites to finish the Group Phase on top with 20 goals in the first half. An absolute attacking masterclass from the Danish team so far!





A one-goal lead for Odense with only five minutes left to play. In Bucharest, on the other hand, Ikast has a five-goal lead against Rapid. 


Diana Ciuca stays ice-cold and makes a stop!



A couple of great saves from Julie Foggea open up the opportunity for the team of Brest to score three in a row as the French team overtakes the lead at 3:2. 


Quick fire double for Odense, combined with a couple of saves from Althea Rebecca Reinhardt, and the guests are 0:2 ahead. In Bucharest, Ikast is already 0:3 ahead with Marketa Jerabkova scoring two in the first five minutes. 


The games are under way!


We've got the final two games of the weekend coming up in ten minutes.

In Bucharest, Rapid is welcoming the 2-0 Ikast team with the goal of making it two wins in a row after celebrating versus Zaglebie last weekend. Ikast will, on the other hand, surely look to prolong the winning streak in Romania, and enter the new season with three wins in a row. 

In Brest, on the other hand, 1-1 Brest Bretagne is welcoming 1-1 Odense in a match in which both teams are surely counting on new points. 

''Third Champions League match - the second at home. Of course we are committed to giving our best in this one, in front of our supporters. Odense is one of the best teams in the group, a really great team with a coach who won the competition three times in a row with Vipers. A club with an ambitious project, which is already very successful'', concluded Brest Bretagne coach Pablo Morel


With the first two games of the day in the books - let's check out some of the best photos from Debrecen and Podgorica!



Another game - another win for Bietigheim. This time they were better than DVSC as Xenia Smits led them with eight goals. Veronika Mala added seven, Karolina Kudlacz-Gloc six. Alexandra Töpfner scored five for DVSC. 



Six goals for Ivana Godec, five for Neslihan Caliskan, Milena Raicevic, and Ivona Pavicevic as Buducnost secures the first points of the season. Armelle Attingre definitely played her part in the victory with 14 saves. For Sävehof, Laura Cecilie Jensen netted seven, while Johanna Bundsen grabbed 15 saves.


With only five minutes left on the clock, Buducnost has a two-goal lead at home. Will they manage to keep the gap open and secure first points of the EHF CLW season?


Beautifully executed by Sävehof!


Five minutes into the second half the teams are levelled at 23:23 in Podgorica. In Debrecen, Bietigheim is maintaining the six-goal lead (14:20). 



An amazing first-half performance helps Bietigheim secure a comfortable six-goal lead at the break. Xenia Smits and Veronika Mala have six goals each for the Germans. 

In Podgorica, Sävehof managed to narrow the gap that was opened by Buducnost in the opening part of the first, and we're going on a break with a one-goal home team lead. Ivana Godec, Neslihan Caliskan, and Milena Raicevic have three each for Buducnost, while Laura Cecilie Jensen has five goals for the guests. The first name of the match so far is Sävehof' goalie Johanna Bundsen with 11 saves in the first half only.





Johanna Bundsen of Sävehof found a perfect way to respond to Armelle Attingre and her amazing start of the match. Bundsen has 11 saves already with Sävehof narrowing the gap to -1 (17:16). 


Amazing six goals from six attempts for Xenia Smits already as Bietigheim widens the gap to six (8:14). Home team has to find a way to slow Bietigheim down quickly if they don't want to see the Germans sail away too soon. 


A great save, and an even better way to turn defense into offense for Armelle Attingre. Just over 15 minutes into the game Buducnost is 11:8 in front and Attingre is absolutely shining with eight saves so far!



Bietigheim and Buducnost with the lead under ten minutes into the game. Xenia Smits has three goals already. 


The first two matches of the day are under way!




With only ten minutes left until the opening whistle, let's check out some of the warm-up photos arriving from Debrecen!


According to Bietigheim's coach Jakob Vestergaard, the German team is fully aware of the atmosphere that's waiting for them in Hungary, and he knows that they'll have to deliver their best performance to secure points and bring them back to Germany. 

On the other hand, ahead of the game against Sävehof, Armelle Attingre of Buducnost expressed how motivated the team is to deliver a proper performance and secure first points: ''We started the season badly and after two defeats, we really want our first victory. I believe that we can be disciplined, that we will show the necessary energy and play as a team. IK Sävehof is a young team, but they also have several experienced players. It will be difficult, but I believe we can get two points.''.


German Bietigheim is arriving to Hungary with two wins in their pockets from the opening two rounds of the season. According to DVSC player Planéta Szimonetta, that is only going to serve as a motivation booster for the home side in this one!

Bietigheim will surely come to us with a lot of self-confidence reaching really good results in the past rounds. However, at the same time, we're motivated to secure points against them in front of our fans. It certainly won't be easy as we're facing an experienced side, but we're also aware that anything can happen in one game.
Planéta Szimonetta
DVSC Schaeffler player


While we're getting ready for what's ahead, let's check out some of the best goals and saves from the last round - especially because we've got many players that will be featured in today's matches on the lists!



Good afternoon everyone, and welcome back to the live coverage of the EHF Champions League Women Round 3. An eventful day is behind us, and we've got four more games waiting for us today with two being scheduled for 14.00 CET, and 16.00 CET. Live coverage is, as always, keeping you up-to-date with everything that's going on.



And that's about it for today! Four-game matchday is behind us, and we've got a four-game matchday waiting for us tomorrow! It all begins at 14.00 CET as Buducnost hosts Sävehof, and DVSC welcomes Bietigheim. Two hours later, Brest Bretagne will play Odense in France, and Ikast is facing off against Rapid in Bucharest. You already know it - that means our live blog is back with you from 13.00 CET to get you in the mood for the opening games. Until then, have a great night and see you soon! 

8:20 p.m

After the third win in a row, Maja Vojnovic of Krim Mercator was delighted: ''The match was not as easy as maybe appears. We've played really well, we were great defensively and that certainly helped me save some extra shots. We looked outstanding on the offensive side of the ball as well, we've had that good flow, and I can say I'm really happy overall!''

''We are very happy and satisfied with the two points. We have a difficult match next round in Norway against Vipers Kristiansand so it is good to get the two points today at home," concluded Jesper Jensen of Team Esbjerg after the game against Metz. 

8:10 p.m

As always, our daily review contains absolutely everything you need to know about the games we've seen today! 


An amazing start of the season for Crimea! Another win, and another reason to celebrate!



With the final three games of this Saturday behind us, we're bringing you some of the best photos from Ljubljana, Lubin, and Esbjerg! Enjoy!


A home win for Esbjerg in the end after a tough match against Metz! Eight goals for Henny Ella Reistad who was vital for her team today. Kristine Breistol added seven, Nora Mork six. When it comes to Metz, Louise Katharina Vinter Burgaard led them with six. A splendid duel of goalies in this with Anna Opstrup Kristensen coming up with 14 saves, and Hatadou Sako having one more. 

Another round - another win for Krim, this time against FTC. Daria Dmitrieva shined with nine goals, while Tamara Mavsar added seven. Katrin Gitta Klujber netted seven for FTC. In Poland, big win for Vipers. Nine goals for Anna Vyakhireva, seven for Mina Hesselberg, six for Lois Abbingh. Daria Michalak, on the other side, finished the match with four for Zaglebie. 






We've entered the final five minutes of the encounter in Esbjerg, and the home team is leading 27:25. Does Metz have what it takes to get back into this one in the final five minutes, or will they suffer a defeat on the road?


With only the last quarter of the match left, the teams are leveled in Denmark at 23:23! Kristine Breistol, and Henny Ella Reistad are leading Esbjerg with six goals each, while Chloe Valentini and Sarah Bouktit have four each for Metz. Incredible 11 saves for Anne Opstrup Kristensen so far, and 14 for Hatadou Sako. 


Ten minutes into the second half, Vipers are already 12 goals ahead, Krim has a five-goal lead, and Esbjerg has managed to level the game at 22:22 as Nora Mork converts the seven-meter shot. 


Goalkeepers are having a day so far in our final three games of the day!






6:25 p.m

What a way it was for Metz to announce their arrival in Denmark! To make it even more meaningful, they are looking really good so far playing against a really good Esbjerg team, and are currently 12:13 in front! Hatadou Sako is looking absolutely amazing with eight saves, while Sarah Bouktit has four goals. 


6:18 p.m

Anna Vyakhireva (4 goals), and Katrine Lunde (6 saves) are looking really good so far as Vipers lead Zaglebie on the road. Daria Dimitrieva is leading Krim with three goals so far, while Chloe Valentini shines with three from just as many attempts for Metz. Hatadou Sako has five saves. 


All three games are looking narrow just over ten minutes in. Krim has a 6:5 lead against FTC, Esbjerg and Metz are leveled at 6:6, while Vipers lead 5:6 in Poland. 

6:00 p.m

The games are under way!

5:55 p.m

Coming up, we've got three more games! 

Krim will aim to prolong one of the best starts to the EHF CLW campaign they've had in the last years at home against FTC. Last year's finalists seem to be struggling so far, and it will be interesting to see whether EHF CLW vice-champions have maybe managed to catch the right rhythm in the last few days. 

After a solid outing against Rapid, Zaglebie Lubin will meet no one else but the reigning champions Vipers Kristiansand. A week ago, Vipers celebrated in the rematch of last season's final against FTC, and they'll surely look to keep the tempo high today as well, especially after that loss against Ikast in the opening round. 

Finally, Esbjerg will host French Metz! Both teams will be hoping to rinse the bitter taste of last week's losses today. Luckily for Esbjerg, they will in this one again be able to count on Henny Reistad who is coming back after missing the game last weekend. 

All matches waiting for you on EHF TV (geo-restrictions may apply). 

5:50 p.m

The opening game of the weekend is behind us! In the MOTW, Györ celebrated on the road against CSM, and with less than ten minutes left until the opening buzzer of three more games that are scheduled for today, let's check out some of the photos from Bucharest, Romania. 


In what was a really good game, and a perfect way to start the weekend, Györ managed to reach an away win in Bucharest. Kari Dale led Györ's offense with seven goals in this one, and was chosen for the POTM in our this round's MOTW. After the game, she was happy with the performance her team, and herself, delivered today in Romania: ''It was a great team win here today! We stayed calm, kept on pushing, kept on pressuring them, with the support of our goalie Sandra Toft from between the posts. It feels really great to defeat a high-quality team like CSM.'', concluded Dale after the game. 




Beautiful assist to keep CSM close earlier in the first.


With ten minutes left to go, Laura Flippes misses a great opportunity to cut the gap to -1. It's timeout Györ with the scoreboard saying 20:22 in favor of the guests. 


+3 Györ in these moments (17:20). Can CSM turn the corner in Bucharest?


If there is a thing that you can always count on - it's the atmosphere in Bucharest. It never dissappoints!



Five minutes into the second half, Györ is keeping the gap opened! It's 14:16 as Eun Hee Ryu leads the Hungarians with four. 


A special game for Stine Oftedal today, as she appears in the EHF Champions League Women for 100th time in Györ's jersey! Congrats!




It's a two-goal Györ lead at the break. Hungarian team opened the game in a better way but CSM managed to find a way to catch the right rhythm in the second part of the first half, and they are only two goals behind at the break. They are however going to need to step it up even further in case they want to stop Györ from taking the points back home with them to Hungary. 

Four goals for Cristina Neagu in the first, while Nadine Szollosi-Schatzl and Eun Hee Ryu finished the first half with three goals each. 


Beautiful way to open up the defense early in the game!


Midway through the first it's a three-goal lead for the guests in Bucharest. Nadine Szolossi Schatzl and Kari Brisett Dale have two goals each, while Sandra Toft currently stands at three saves. 


Györ has managed to open the game in a better fashion, and they are now 2:5 in front! Their defense appears to be the key so far in this one. Laura Flippes and Cristina Neagu are the only two players that have managed to find the way to Györ's net so far, and it's surely going to be interesting to see how long it takes for someone else to join them!


The match is under way, and the hosts will have the first possession!


With the players slowly taking the court in Bucharest, the atmosphere is heating up! What an amazing way to start the weekend!


Let's take the final few minutes to check on what the players of both teams - Crina Elena Pintea, and Yvette Broch had to say about their today's encounter!

''It will be a game that we must take very seriously as we really want the points. Every time I am on court I'm trying to give my absolute best. I feel like it's going to be a very nice game and I really hope that our fans will be there to support us as it's truly one of those game that, I believe, everybody want to see!'', said Pintea

Yvette Broch added: ''It will be a high-level game, and that’s why I’m looking forward to it really. We know that we'll have to show what we're capable of in order to take points home from Buchares.t. I feel like the team is ready to play an important match like this one!''


With the MOTW approaching, take a few minutes to read our MOTW piece, as well as the round preview where you can, as always, find all the information you need on every game that's coming up!


Is there a better way to prepare for this week's MOTW, than to check what the EHF Media Team prepared on this game? Coming to you straight out of the EHF CL MEDIA GUIDES.

• The Match of the Week in round 3 of the EHF Champions League Women features two former CL winners: CSM Bucuresti and Györi Audi ETO KC.

• No other team lifted the CL trophy between 2016 and 2019: CSM in 2016, Györ the next three years. 

• CSM beat Györ 29:26 in the 2016 final – still the only women’s CL final decided by a shoot-out.

• Swedish star Isabelle Gulldén set a still unbroken record in that final by scoring 15 times for CSM.

• Györ line player Yvette Broch is the only player from that final who is currently with the same club.

• However, Broch took a break from the sport in 2018, then played for Metz Handball and CSM Bucuresti before returning to Györ in 2022.

• Apart from Broch, CSM’s Laura Glauser and Crina Pintea have also played for both clubs.

• Saturday’s MOTW is Györ’s 275th CL match; they have won 207 times – more than any other team.

• CSM have won 73 of their 128 CL matches so far.

• Györ have won eight of the previous 10 duels with CSM, including the last four; CSM have not beaten Györ since a main round game in January 2018.

• Györ have missed the EHF FINAL4 (since 2014) only once – in 2015; CSM have failed to qualify for the event each year after 2018.

• Eight (former) Norwegian internationals will be involved in this MOTW: five for Györ, three for CSM.

• Györ’s Stine Oftedal and Silje Solberg-Østhassel together with CSM’s Emilie Hegh Arntzen and Vilde Ingstad were part of the Norwegian national team that won the Women’s EHF EURO 2022 last November.

• Norway won the EHF EURO 2022 final against Denmark, which included CSM’s Trine Østergaard as well as Györ’s Sandra Toft and Line Haugsted.

• CSM’s Grace Zaadi Deuna and Laura Flippes won Olympic gold with France at the Tokyo Games.

• All IHF World Players of the Year since 2015 (no awards in 2017, 2020) are part of the MOTW: CSM’s Cristina Neagu (2010, 2015, 2016, 2018), and Györ’s Stine Oftedal (2019) and Sandra Toft (2021).

• Two former CL top scorers appear in this MOTW: CSM’s Cristina Neagu (2015: 102 goals for Buducnost; 2018 and 2022: 110 for CSM) and Györ’s Ana Gros (2021: 135 for Brest Bretagne Handball). 

Cristina Neagu is second on the all-time CL top scorers list with 1,041 goals; 38 goals behind leader Jovanka Radicevic (Krim Mercator Ljubljana).


We do not have much time to get going as this time, the weekend starts with nothing else but the MOTW in which CSM will in Bucharest welcome Hungarian Györ! Here are all the fixtures waiting for us today and tomorrow!



With under an hour left until the opening game of the EHF Champions League Women weekend - hello, and welcome to the live coverage that's going to be right by your side every step of the way during the EHF CLW Group Phase Round 3! Let the games begin!

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