Hungary strike gold twice at the YAC 16 EURO

20221106 AH 3577 2 EHF / Adrian Costeiu

Without dropping a set in both the men’s and the women’s YAC 16 Beach Handball EURO 2022, Hungary won both gold medals in Prague on Sunday.

While Hungary stepped on top of the podium twice, Spain secured the silver medal in both tournaments. The Netherlands in the women’s tournament, and Germany in the men’s event completed the podium as the bronze medallists.

  • in the men’s tournament, Hungary clinched the first place in the preliminary round, with three wins against Sweden, Norway and Poland, before winning the semi-final against Germany (20:19; 22:20) and the final against Spain (18:15; 15:14)
  • Hungary also won the gold medal in the women’s tournament, topping the group in the preliminary round, before wins against the Netherlands in the semi-finals (19:18; 29:16) and against Spain in the final (23:21; 26:25)
  • last edition’s champions, the Netherlands, placed third in the women’s tournament, while the titleholders in the men’s tournament, Spain, won the silver this time
  • this was the first edition in both tournaments when the winners avoiding dropping a set on their way to the title
  • Portugal’s Gabriel da Costa Sequeira was the top scorer in the men’s tournament, with 108 points, while Spain’s Celia Garcia Sanchez sealed the first place in the women’s tournament, with 122 points, just four more than Netherlands’ Sterre Jansen

Hungary and Spain excel in both tournaments

While the two tournaments might have produced some balanced games, it is hard to overlook just how strong Hungary looked, both in the men’s and in the women’s tournaments, where they simply dominated their opponents, never dropping a set on their way to the gold medal.

It marks the improvement for Hungary, as a previous generation finished fifth in the women’s and ninth in the men’s tournament last time.

Spain have also proved their tradition and spirit is rarely matched throughout Europe, placing second in both tournaments, as they continue to provide conditions for improvement for their young players.

YAC 16 Beach Handball EURO 2022

Men’s final standings:

Gold – Hungary
Silver – Spain
Bronze – Germany
4th – Croatia

Men’s All-star Team awards:

Fair Play Team – Portugal & France
Best goalkeeper – Romeo Alberto Perinan (ESP)
Best defender – Hugo Zanibellato (FRA)
Top scorer – Gabriel Da Costa Sequiera (POR), 108 points
MVP – Bulcsu Hovan (HUN)

Women’s final standings:

Gold – Hungary
Silver – Spain
Bronze – netherlands
4th – Ukraine

Women’s All-star Team awards:

Fair Play Team – Czech Republic
Best goalkeeper – Vivien Kasper (HUN)
Best defender – Britt Voorwald (NED)
Top scorer – Celia Garcia Sanchez (ESP), 118 points
MVP – Yelyzaveta Dikhtiar (UKR)

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