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EHF European League

Herrem guides Sola to third consecutive win

EHF / Danijela Vekić

In the first match of a double-header in group A of the EHF European League Women between Sola HK and Motherson Mosonmagyarovari KC, Sola overran their opponents in Norway to claim their third consecutive win.

With amazing performances by Camilla Herrem and the goalkeeper duo of Amalie Frøland and Tonje Haug Lerstad, Sola remained strong until the final buzzer. Mosonmagyarovari KC trailed by seven at half-time and could not close the gap in the second half. The closest that they came was 14:18 in the 37th minute.

Motherson Mosonmagyarovari KC (HUN) vs Sola HK (NOR) 25:31 (10:17) (Match played in Norway)

  • Sola made a great start, leading 3:0, and continued to expand the advantage to eight goals (13:5) — their biggest lead of the first half
  • the Norwegian team created the gap thanks to Camilla Herrem and goalkeeper Amalie Frøland. In the second half, Kristina Sirum Novak and Maja Magnussen took the spotlight
  • Mosonmagyarovari KC had problems in offence, making technical errors, leaving their shot efficiency in the first 30 minutes at 42 per cent and only raising it to 54 per cent in the second half
  • Tanja Asanin and Eszter Tóth were the best individuals in the Hungarian team
  • the second part of the double-header is scheduled for Sunday 6 February at 14:00 CET, live on EHFTV

Leader of the team
Sola performed strongly from the beginning until the end. The defence — mainly 6-0 — was very strong throughout and helped both goalkeepers a lot. Amalie Frøland ended her time between the posts with 10 saves from 26 shots (38 per cent) and Tonje Haug Lerstad added another four stops.

However, one familiar face stood out on Friday night. In the true manner of a leader, Camilla Herrem scored 12 times from 15 attempts. The Olympic, world and European champion with Norway once again proved her left wing shots and seven-metre throws are hard to stop, while still giving her best on fast breaks.

I’m proud of the team today. They followed our game plan, and despite a rough start to the second half, they managed to keep calm and find our way to play handball. Just in two days we meet the same opponent and we will go for another victory.
Steffen Stormo Stegavik
Head coach, Sola HK
20220204 Motherson Mosonmagyarovari KC Sola Maja Magnussen Quote
This game gives us a great advantage for the next game. We played good handball, and our defence was great. Now it’s all about restitution, so we are ready for a new game just in two days.
Maja Magnussen
Right wing, Sola HK

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