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EHF Champions League

Györ take the win after a comeback

ER 2842 (1)
EHF / Danijela Vekić

Györ managed to get their hands on a 29:27 win in the first leg of the EHF Champions League Women quarter-finals after a great comeback against Odense. Odense Håndbold were strong both on offence and defence, but they cracked under the pressure in the final five minutes of the match, failing to secure their first even win against Györ.  The Hungarians found a new force in the second half, especially on defence and showed a fighting spirit to turn the tide after trailing Odense for 47 minutes.

Odense Sideline
Of course when you see the result you must be a little bit disappointed. When you are in front with 5-6 goals you have the feeling that you have not done your job in a proper way, but that’s life, and we showed that we can play with Györ.
Ulrik Kirkely
Head Coach, Odense
In the beginning we played very well, but then they started to use the fast breaks, the transitions.. and they had the advantage. After the break it was kind of the same and we couldn’t really come forward. But, we were really calm because we knew we were still close on the scoreboard.
Ambros Martin
Head Coach, Györ

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