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EHF Champions League

Györ continue positive streak

ER 2842 (1)
EHF / Danijela Vekić

Ambros Martin's team celebrated their third unbeaten match in a row, leaving their opponents from Podgorica with only two wins this season. In round 6 of the EHF Champions League, Györ's powerful start left Buducnost unable to get going in attack. Strong defence and fast breaks gave them an early lead which was decisive for the end result. Goals were coming easy for them while Buducnost had a problem returning to defence, allowing easy goals for their opponents.


Györi Audi ETO KC (HUN) - WHC Buducnost BEMAX (MNE) 32:19 (15:9)

  • the Hungarian side started with a strong defence, and as a result, Buducnost scored their first goal in fifth minute of the match; for their second one, the Montenegrin club waited for another nine minutes
  • Györ on the other hand were ruthless in attack, scoring from counter attacks and all positions, securing a seven-goal lead (9:2) after 17 minutes of the match
  • Buducnost started playing better near the end of the first half and closed the gap, mainly with help from Vanesa Agovic, but the established advantage of Györ was too hard to catch and in a way had decided the match within the first 30 minutes
  • Silje Margaretha Solberg had another top performance in the competition, keeping her save efficiency above 40 per cent throughout the match
  • Top scorer of the match was Györ's Veronica Egebakken Kristiansen with six goals, Ivona Pavicevic could not miss for Buducnost, scoring five times from five attempts

Györ's momentum growing by the match

It seems like Györ is getting stronger each match, especially since their only defeat of the season, against Metz in round 3 of the EHF Champions League. The Hungarian side had a strong start to the match and were not going to let their guard down throughout. From sturdy defence to quick and sharp attack, Ambros Martin's team played with full confidence.

It is their third consecutive win, their fifth this season and it came after an amazing performance in attack. Györ had 70 per cent shot efficiency and are holding onto their title of best attack in the competition with a 66.4 per cent total efficiency.

It is always good to have a good defence in front of me, so I had a lot of help and we were playing with our heart. Everyone enjoyed playing today and it was a really good feeling to be on court, I am proud of my team and I think it was a big teamwork today
Silje Solberg
Györi Audi ETO KC

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