EHF FINAL4 Men showcased like never before on Twitch

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EHF / Courtney Gahan

It will be an EHF FINAL4 Men like never before for fans following the event at home, with a 54-hour live show on Twitch direct from Cologne guiding viewers through every moment of the big weekend as the EHF Champions League Men 2021/22 title is decided.

Starting from Friday afternoon right through to Sunday night, fans can be part of the action with plenty of behind-the-scenes fun, expert analysis and appearances from handball stars, and guests from around the globe offering a glimpse into the handball world outside of Europe.

Among the special guests joining the show live in Cologne will be stars of the EHF Champions League past, including Pascal Hens, Olafur Stefanson, Alfred Gislason, Victor Tomas, Raul Entrerrios, Christian Schwarzer and Stefan Lövgren. Current stars of the competition will also be part of the show, such as THW Kiel player and All-star Team best defender Hendrik Pekeler (currently injured), Vardar coach David Davis and Veszprém management’s Laszlo Nagy.

And that is just the former on-court stars. There will also be familiar faces — and voices — of handball, such as EHF FINAL4 Men 2022 commentator Chris O’Reilly and his co-podcasters at the (Un)Informed Handball Hour Alex Kulesh and Brian Campion.

Overall, no stone will be left unturned when it comes to the live Twitch show from the EHF FINAL4 Men 2022, making it the ultimate viewing experience to complement the biggest weekend in club handball. Watch it here.

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