Summary: Granollers and Berlin last standing in title race

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The semi-finals in the EHF European League Men 2022/23 saw Granollers beat Göppingen and Füchse Berlin defeat Montpellier. Granollers and Füchse will battle for the trophy on Sunday at 18:00 CEST, while Montpellier and Göppingen play for third at 15:30 CEST. 

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I believed until the last second that we could win. There was no single breaking point in the match — we simply missed too many chances. Granollers kept on fighting, and they have the heart of a champion.
Kresimir Kozina
Göppingen line player
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I am very, very happy for this result, for the club and the history of the club. It was a very tough match and hard for us. Göppingen have powerful players who are difficult to defend. In the second half, we defended better than before. Our goalkeeper Rangel [da Rosa] helped us and we could run a lot and run more and score better. My players are so young, but today, they played like experienced players.
Antonia Rama Garcia
Granollers coach
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Füchse Berlin fully deserved the victory and the spot in the final, when you see the whole match. It was a difficult match for us. In the first half we played on a good level, equal to Berlin — unfortunately the score did not reflect our play. In the second half our level went down physically and mentally, and it is the second half which counts. We will try to recover well to play this important match for third place.
Patrice Canayer
Montpellier coach
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We had a completely different energy in the second half. We were running fast breaks — this was decisive. Montpellier played an amazing season and have shown today how strong they are. I am proud of my team and our fans and happy for them that they can see us in the final.
Mathias Gidsel
Füchse Berlin back
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