SUMMARY: Aalborg, Magdeburg, Kiel and Barça make TruckScout24 EHF FINAL4 line-up

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The second leg of the Machineseeker EHF Champions League quarter-finals this week confirmed the line-up for the TruckScout24 EHF FINAL4 2024 in June. The first two matches, on Wednesday, saw Aalborg Håndbold defeat Telekom Veszprém HC 33:28 in the MOTW to become the first team to qualify for Cologne. SC Magdeburg followed hours later after edging out Industria Kielce in a shootout for an aggregate 53:52 win.

The two remaining quarter-finals took place on Thursday evening, with Kiel pulling off a miracle versus Montpellier, overturning a clear defeat in the first leg to join the line-up in Cologne. In the last of the quarter-finals, Barça secured a decisive aggregate victory over PSG thanks to the difference created in the first leg. 

20240502 Kiel MHB24
We put our hearts in our hands today. We showed our fans in this iconic arena. We showed ourselves, that we are a team that can fight to the end. I'm so proud of my players. It wasn't the easiest week for me and my players, but we had the belief that we could do it. In the end, hard work pays off. We were on fire in the first few minutes, but Montpellier still took the lead. Nevertheless, we stayed calm. Thanks to my players, but also thanks to our fans who believed in us. It was a magical night in Kiel, even though Skippy [Elias á Skipagøtu] and Steffen [Weinhold] couldn't play. But we had this strong belief.

Nevertheless, I feel for Patrice [Canayer], a great idol for me as a coach. Congratulations to him for everything he has achieved in his unique career.
Filip Jicha
Head coach, THW Kiel
20240502 Kiel MHB23
It was possible for us to lose today and still qualify for Cologne. Unfortunately, we didn't manage it. Kiel were physically and mentally stronger than us and handled the pressure better. At the end of 120 minutes, the last two will decide who progresses. Unfortunately, we went into today's game weakened because Diego Simonet was injured. We had problems finding solutions in attack. The defence was OK. We conceded 30 goals a week ago and 31 today. But scoring 21 goals in Kiel is not enough. We lacked the courage to switch play. We played with the handbrake on, and that's definitely a mistake in Kiel.
Patrice Canayer
Head coach, Montpellier HB
20240501 CLM QF2 Blog Quote Magdeburg
It was absolutely unbelievable. The atmosphere today was the best I ever played in this arena, it was amazing. To play this kind of games is so fun and an inspiration. It was a tight game, all the way to the penalties. And there we had two really, really good goalkeepers. It was fifty-fifty and we go through, it's amazing.
Felix Claar
Centre back, SC Magdeburg
20240501 CLM QF2 Blog Quote Kielce
We saw two teams that were pretty even. We know that they have the mentality to never give up, we have shown that we have a similar mentality. To lose by one goal again is just heart-breaking. It was an amazing atmosphere, an amazing game, I think we have seen one of the best games in recent times.
Andreas Wolff
Goalkeeper, Industria Kielce
20240501 CLM QF2 Blog Quote Aalborg
Just amazing! This is what we fought for the whole season, just wonderful the feeling right now. I don't think I have any expectations for Cologne, it's my first time and it's always been a dream of mine, so I'm really happy to be able to play there now.
Mads Hoxer
Right back, Aalborg Håndbold
20240501 CLM QF2 Blog Quote Veszprém
Up until this moment we had a very good season. Today we also started very well, 7:4 we were leading, but some missed shots and (goalkeeper Niklas) Landin on the other side... especially the first half he was amazing. We had situations to come back in the match but with the fast breaks, we lost the balls, and in the end it went like this.
Momir Ilic
Head coach, Telekom Veszprém HC

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