Barça win MOTW in Celje while French and Danish clubs share spoils

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EHF / Kevin Domas

Barça remain undefeated in group B and are, so far, the only team with ten points in the EHF Champions League, with more games coming up on Thursday. The ten-time winners took the points in the Match of the Week in Celje, thanks to another stellar performance by Emil Nielsen. 

There were also two clashes between French and Danish sides and each country's representative won one game. GOG were able to beat Montpellier thanks to a strong second half while Aalborg, on the other hand, lost everything in the last ten minutes in Paris, after being able to take up to a two-goal lead in the middle of the second half.

B4A8010 (1)
Aalborg fought very hard tonight. It was a difficult game for us, a really hard game. But we also showed our character in this game because it could have been won by both teams. The importance of our attitude was a very important thing.
Ferran Sole
PSG Handball right wing
B4A7873 (1)
I’m used to win at Coubertin but unfortunately not tonight. It’s always a pleasure to be here. I’m proud of the team. I think we almost executed the plan well. But Paris shows character at the end. This is the two colours of a world class team. We are disappointed, we had a chance but against Paris you have to play at a top level to hope win.
Henrik Møllgaard
Aalborg left back
Barça were a better team today. We played a good match, it was nice to play in front of such fantastic fans. In the second half we had three attacks to close their lead to just three goals, but Emil was really good today. We have to keep fighting and wins will come with such performances.
Gal Gaberšek
Celje goalkeeper
SLK2970A (1)
The defence was not there today, we have to improve as we will face even tougher opponents. We are lucky to have such talented players in the attack, so they can score so many goals, but we have to play much better in the defence.
Emil Nielsen
Barça goalkeeper
20231018 GOG Montpellier 8543 (1) Quote
The match was tough, and our team was hungry for a win. After the defeat in the Danish league, the team was looking for a win and some success. The whole team was prepared to fight for the team. At the start of the second half, we gained a lot of confidence and got a rhythm that suited us well. When GOG gets confidence, we get rhythm and a good game, which also gave us the win today.
Henrik Jakobsen
GOG line player
20231018 GOG Montpellier 3400 Quote
GOG were particularly strong in the second half. We are not entirely satisfied with our own performance. We started the game well. But in the second half, when the pace of the game picked up, it was hard to keep up.
Patrice Canayer
Montpellier head coach

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