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Viktor Hallgrimsson leads Nantes to win against Aalborg

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Aalborg were clearly in a revenge mood after losing last week at home against Nantes. Especially since the two clubs are battling for what could be a place in the top two of group B.

But one man ruined all their hopes: Viktor Hallgrimsson. The Icelandic goalkeeper made seven saves in the first half, as many in the second, but even more importantly, he made crucial ones. Aalborg, who saw Lukas Sandell take a red card in the first half, could not cope with such an amazing performance.

The Danish side, playing seven against six for most of the game, tried to make a comeback in the second half, closing the gap to two goals before Nantes gained the momentum again in the last ten minutes.


HBC Nantes (FRA) vs Aalborg Handbold (DEN) 35:28 (18:12)

• well helped by Viktor Hallgrimsson, their goalkeeper who stopped four shots in the first ten minutes, Nantes flew into the game, taking an early five goals advantage
• despite using their seven against six system and seeing Mikkel Aggefors make a couple of saves, Aalborg were not able to come back closer than three goals in the first half
• a last save by Hallgrimsson and a last-second goal by Baptiste Damatrin put Nantes ahead by six at the break
• Aalborg, led by a good performance by Felix Claar, came back on the scoreboard, and were only down three with ten minutes remaining
• Hallgrimsson made the saves his team needed, though, as he stopped a double opportunity by Sebastian Barthold to turn the momentum Nantes’ way again
• three players scored five goals : Thibaud Briet and Jérémy Toto for Nantes and Mads Hoxer for Aalborg

Viktor Hallgrimsson did it again

After stunning everybody when HBC Nantes defeated Kiel in October, Viktor Hallgrimsson shied away for a bit. A couple of average performances had everyone asking if the Icelandic goalkeeper was a one-hit wonder. He is clearly not, judging by his performance tonight. Fourteen saves and an all-instant presence helped his team cruise away on the scoreboard and then slowdown a Nantes comeback in the last ten minutes. Even Mikkel Hansen, could not get past him, as the Danish superstar missed three in the first half alone.

We fought in the first half but missed too many small things to comeback or even win the second half. We are struggling with self-confidence right now and look for positive things. We stood together so at least I’m happy about that.
Stefan Madsen
Aalborg Head Coach
We worked all week and were ready to be successful in this match. The difference was made during the first 20 minutes. Viktor was on fire and the atmosphere was amazing as usual.
Jérémy Toto
Pivot, HBC Nantes

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