Sola and Thüringer locked together after first leg

EHF / Ida Hummeluhr

In the quarter-final between Sola HK and Thüringer HC the spectators witnessed a real battle, as an entertaining match ended 35:35.

Sola HK (NOR) vs Thüringer HC (GER) 35:35 (19:17)

From the first minute it was clear that both teams wanted to compete to get the  advantage for the second leg of the quarter-final. Even though there was a lot of engagement and tension from both teams, the home team Sola HK had by far  the better start. From 1:0 after 26 seconds to 11:3 after 11 minutes, Thüringer needed to change their tactics and keep the focus on the pitch to keep the match open.

With several players stepping up, the German side caught up most of the deficit and made it 19:17 at half time. The second half was pretty equal the whole way through – also with phases where Thüringer led by up to two goals. In the very end of the match the tension was well-kept and the German outfit scored their equalizing goal in the last couple of seconds. The result, 35:35, makes the second leg of the quarter-finals even more interesting, since the game is completely open despite 10 goals from the guest team’s Annika Lott.


20230319 DWP 1069 X3
We started the game very good, but after a while it evened out. A bit boring we don’t get to hold on to our two-goal lead in the end, but now the starting point is the same for both teams next weekend. Everything can happen.
Steffen Stormo Stegavik
Coach, Sola HK

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