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Meet the stars who shined during the W17 EHF EURO Championships

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Spain lead the way with four players listed on the all-star team in Azerbaijan. 18 nations had at least one player represented on the all-star teams in their respective tournaments. 

Spain had a dominant performance in the W17 EHF Championship in Azerbaijan. No wonder that such a performance gave them an astonishing four players on the tournament all-star team, with Goundo Gassama Cissokho, Kelly Nnonzie Fonkeng Mfotiog, Belen Rodriguez Lario and Marta Regordan Silva winning awards as best goalkeeper, pivot, defender and MVP respectively. Austria had three team members nominated, with Aurelie Egbaimo named as best pivot, Lorena Baljak as best right back and Philomena Egger as best right wing. Five nations contributed two to their respective all-tournament teams: Germany, Denmark, Lithuania, Finland and Türkiye.

The All-star Team players of all Younger Age Category events this summer are invited to the three-day Respect Your Talent Camp in December, where they will meet up with stars of the game serving as RYT ambassadors and with experts to discuss off-court topics such as media, sports law, anti-doping, mental fitness, dual career, and nutrition as part of EHF's RYT programme.

Women's 17 EHF EURO All-Star Team:

Defender: Ruslana Litvinov (GER)
Goalkeeper: Tatjana Cinku (SRB)
Left wing: Alissa Katarina Wele (GER)
Left back: Anne Dolberg Plougstrup (DEN)
Centre back: Melissa Chantelly (FRA)
Pivot: Andela Guberinic (MNE)
Right back: Virag Fazekas (HUN)
Right wing: Lucija Renic (CRO)
MVP: Andrea Nörklit Jörgensen (DEN)

Women's 17 EHF Championship All-Star Team:


Defender: Belen Rodriguez Lario (ESP)
Goalkeeper: Goundo Gassama Cissokho (ESP)
Left wing: Klea Pirtovsek (SLO)
Playmaker: Silja Geirsbottir Eystberg (FAR)
Pivot: Kelly Nnonzie Fonkeng Mfotiog (ESP)
Right back: Agne Gudlinkyte (LTU)
Right wing: Elena Erceg (SLO)
MVP: Marta Regordan Silva (ESP)

Defender: Corrine Von Knorring (FIN)
Goalkeeper: Hiranur Özturk (TUR)
Left wing: Alessia Zizzo (ITA)
Left back: Emilia Siggberg (FIN)
Centre back: Natalia Gardian (POL)
Pivot: Aurelie Egbaimo (AUT)
Right back: Lorena Baljak (AUT)
Right wing: Philomena Egger (AUT)
MVP: Buket Seven (TUR)
Topscorer: Eliza Bilkste (LAT)

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