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France come out on top in W17 EHF EURO

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France are the new European champions. In the final of the W17 EHF EURO in Montenegro, in front of more than 600 spectators in the "Verde" hall in Podgorica, the team of coach Olivier Delafuente defeated Denmark 24:19 (12:9).

It is the second gold medal for France in the under-17 age group, as the previous one was won in 2007. They have also won two bronze medals, in 2005 and 2019. Denmark remain with three gold medals to their name in this age group.

In the bronze medal match it was Germany who ended the match as victors, defeating Croatia 31:27 (17:13).


France vs Denmark 24:19 (12:9)

  • the team led by coach Ole Lund Bitsch opened the game better and took a 2:0 lead, but France turned it around and led Senant with a goal 4:3 in the 10th minute. After the first 30 minutes, it was 12:9.
  • the French team started the second half brilliantly and turned the match in their favour, after conceding only four goals in the first 15 minutes. Abdou scored to make it 19:13, and her team kept the lead until the end of the match and won the gold medal.
  • goalkeeper Leane Gonzalez had a great performance with 15 saves in the match, leading to her being named France's Player of the Match
  • the Danish Player of the Match was Freya Skovlod Hattesen who scored three goals
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It was difficult as we expected, but we fought as a team until the end and deserved to win the gold medal. The team game brought us the gold medal.
Leane Gonzales
Goalkeeper, France


Germany vs Croatia 31:27 (17:13)

  • the game was tied in the first 15 minutes, but Germany then took control and led 9:6 in the 18th minute after Kim Ott scored. After the first half expired, the difference was four goals - 17:13.
  • the Germans started the second half brilliantly, and in the 35th minute they took a 19:13 lead, thus foreshadowing a German victory. Until the end of the game, Croatia did not manage to come within two goals.
  • goalkeeper Lena Lindemann was awarded Germany's best player due to her making 15 saves, while Ott scored the most goals, hitting the opponent's net six times.
  • in the Croatian team, Player of the Match Lucija Renic scored six goals, the same amount as her teammate Antea Cicak


Defender: Ruslana Litvinov (GER)
Goalkeeper: Tatjana Cinku (SRB)
Left wing: Alissa Katarina Wele (GER)
Left back: Anne Dolberg Plougstrup (DEN)
Centre back: Melissa Chantelly (FRA)
Line player: Andela Guberinic (MNE)
Right back: Virag Fazekas (HUN)
Right wing: Lucija Renic (CRO)
MVP: Andrea Nörklit Jörgensen (DEN)

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