First module of Master Coach Course completed

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Coaches from nine countries completed the first module of the EHF Master Coach Course during the Men’s EHF EURO 2022.

The 24 students attended the module in person in Budapest and digitally from the comfort of their own homes during the duration of the module which ran between 13-19 January.

They followed several lectures from world-class coaches, including David Davis and Xavi Pascal.

The module was also captured by our cameras, as the video below shows. It offers a taster of what the participants experience on the course, and includes the thoughts of Pedro Sequeira, Chairman of the EHF Methods Commission and Monique Tijsterman, responsible for Methods and Coaching on the commission.

Since the footage was filmed, the students have been working via the EHF’s e-learning platform ILIAS, where the EHF provided all materials and recordings of the first module.

The next milestone during the course is the submission of the students’ thesis project at the end of March.

The step after the thesis project is submission of an assignment one month before the second module, where the coaches are required to film predefined situations such as training session or team meetings of their daily coaching work.

The course will continue between 11-16 July in Porto during the M20 EURO before the third and final module set for November during the Women’s EHF EURO 2022 in Ljubljana.

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