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European Handball Court of Arbitration rejects Russian federation request

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: Russian federation and its protagonists continue to be excluded from all EHF activities
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The European Handball Court Of Arbitration (ECA) on Friday, 9 September rejected a request regarding a preliminary measure by the Russian Handball Federation, confirming their exclusion from the participation in EHF activities.

Reference is made to the appeal of the Russian federation dated 29 March 2022 submitted to the ECA on 24 May 2022, against the preliminary measures issued by the EHF Court of Handball dated 24 March 2022, confirmed by the EHF Court of Appeal dated 6 May 2022 whereby the EXEC decision has been confirmed, which leads to the continuation of the exclusion of the federation and of its protagonists related to participation in EHF activities.

The ECA as a third and last instance sees the basic conditions for a preliminary measure request not fulfilled anymore, as a regular decision in the subject is existing and was published by the EHF Court of Handball on 30 June 2022. The request for the issuance of a preliminary measure had to be refused accordingly.  

Consequently, the decision of the EHF Executive Committee remains in force and the Russian Handball Federation and its protagonists are not entitled to participate in EHF activities.

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