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Court of Handball rejects the protest of IUVENTA Michalovce

OFFICIAL STATEMENT: The final score of the second leg match in the EHF European Cup Women between IUVENTA and Galychanka remains unchanged.
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The EHF Court of Handball has reached a decision following a protest lodged IUVENTA Michalovce (SVK) following the second leg match of the EHF European Cup Women 2021/22 Round 3 played on 21 November 2021 against HC Galychanka (UKR) (22:18).

The club argued that the last goal of the match should be valid as having been scored before the final siren sounded. The club therefore challenged the decision of the EHF referees who decided not to accept the goal.

The EHF Court of Handball considered the decision of the EHF referees not to accept the goal to be based on their observation of the factual situation within the course of the match and shall therefore be regarded as final, as factual, and thus final decision not being subject to any protests.

The protest is therefore rejected as inadmissible. 

An appeal may be filed to the EHF Court of Appeal within three days.

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