Court of Handball fines Kastrioti coach

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The EHF Court of Handball has reached a decision in disciplinary proceedings opened against the coach Flamur Salihu from KH Kastrioti (KOS) following his direct disqualification at the penultimate minute of the EHF European Cup Men 2022/23 round 1 match between the Kosovan club and RK Gracanica (BIH), which took place in Gracanica, on 11 September 2022.

The court concluded that, by protesting against the decision of the EHF referees in an insulting manner, the coach displayed an inappropriate and unsportsmanlike behaviour towards the EHF referee deserving further sanctions.

Indeed, as official A of his club, Flamur Salihu had the obligation to enforce the principles of fair play and sportsmanship towards the EHF officials of the match, notably by adopting and displaying a courteous and respectful behaviour towards them. Therefore, Flamur Salihu shall pay a fine of €500 (five hundred Euro) for his improper behaviour towards EHF officials during the match.

An appeal may be filed within seven days.

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