4 past winners, 7 nations represented, 6,079 goals scored

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With the group phase of the EHF Champions League Women 2021/22 completed, it is time to shift our focus to the knockout phase of Europe’s top-level women’s club competition.

The play-offs are starting this weekend, so here is an overview of the most interesting numbers and stats of the 2021/22 season so far.

0 teams from the same country face in the play-offs; one national derby is possible in the quarter-final – if FTC beat Krim in their play-off, they will next meet fellow Hungarian side Györ.

1 play-off pairing is identical to a play-off pairing from last season: Dortmund vs Metz.

1 team managed to win the EHF FINAL4 two (or more) times in a row: Györ, who lifted the trophy in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

2 former CL winners haven’t advanced from the group phase: Buducnost and Podravka.

3 players aim for their sixth CL trophy: Katrine Lunde, Heidi Løke, and Nora Mørk (all Vipers).

4 former CL winners, including all winners since 2016, are part of the knockout phase: Krim (play-offs), Györ, CSM, and Vipers (quarter-finals).

4 countries were represented by the seven EHF FINAL4 winners so far: Hungary (4), Montenegro, Romania, and Norway.

4 teams from four countries have qualified directly for the quarter-finals: group winners Esbjerg (DEN) and Györ (HUN), and runners-ups CSM (ROU) and Vipers (NOR).

5 of the 10 teams still in the competition have played at EHF FINAL4 before: Brest, CSM, Györ, Metz, and Vipers.

5 of the eight quarter-finalists from 2020/21 are also part of the knockout phase this season: Brest, CSM, Györ, Metz, and Vipers.

7 countries are represented in the knockout phase: Denmark, France, Hungary (with two teams each), Germany, Norway, Romania, and Slovenia (with one team each).

8 of the 112 group matches ended in a draw: five in group A, three in group B; Esbjerg and FTC both had three draws – once against each other.

20220324 CLW F&F Vipers Full Width 1

11 matches in the group phase ended with fewer than 45 goals.

11 different nations are represented by the 27 CL winners so far: Denmark, Hungary (6 titles each), Austria (4), Montenegro, Norway, Slovenia (2 each), Croatia, North Macedonia, Romania, Russia, and Spain (1 each).

12 clubs have played at the EHF FINAL4 so far: Györ (6 times), Vardar (5), Buducnost (4), CSM (3), Rostov, Vipers, Metz (2 each), Midtjylland, Volgograd, Larvik, CSKA, and Brest (1 each).

23 group phase matches ended with a winning margin of 10 or more goals.

24 goals was the biggest winning margin in a group phase match, when Dortmund beat Podravka 38:14.

26 is the highest number of points a team gathered in the group phase: Györ, who won 13 of their 14 matches.

26 was the highest number of points a team gathered in the group phase: Györ, who won 13 of their 14 matches.

29 group phase matches had 60 or more goals.

39 was the lowest number of goals in a group phase match, when FTC defeated Rostov 20:19.

46 of the 112 group phase matches were won by the visiting team.

58 of the 112 group phase matches were won by the home team: 31 in group A; 27 in group B.

69 was the highest amount of goals in a group phase match, and it happened twice: each time involving Metz, who lost 39:30 against Györ and defeated Odense 38:31.

94 goals give CSM’s Cristina Neagu the lead in the CL top scorers ranking after the group phase.

+117 was the best overall goal difference for a team – Györ – in the group phase.

471 goals were scored by Györ, an average of 33.6 goals per match, more than any other team in the group phase.

6,079 goals were scored in the group phase: 2,971 in group A; 3,108 in group B.

20220324 CLW F&F Györ Full Width 2

Top 3s after the group phase:

Most points:
26 – Györ
23 – Esbjerg
21 – Rostov

Most goals scored:
471 – Györ
435 – Vipers
412 – Esbjerg

Fewest goals conceded:
302 – Rostov
342 – CSM
346 – CSKA, Esbjerg

Biggest goal difference:
+117 – Györ
+66 – Esbjerg
+65 – Vipers

Biggest winning margin:
+24 – Dortmund vs Podravka 38:14
+22 – Györ vs Sävehof 41:19
+19 – Sävehof vs Vipers 23:42

Most goals per match:
69 – Györ vs Metz 39:30, Metz vs Odense 38:31
68 – Sävehof vs Odense 31:37
67 – Györ vs Krim 40:27, Podravka vs CSM 31:36, Podravka vs Brest 28:39

Fewest goals per match:
39 – Rostov vs FTC 19:20
41 – Metz vs Vipers 23:18
42 – CSKA vs Krim 21:21

Top scorers:
94 – Cristina Neagu (CSM)
87 – Jamina Roberts (Sävehof)
86 – Nora Mørk (Vipers), Jovanka Radicevic (Kastamonu)

Top scorers still in competition:
94 – Cristina Neagu (CSM)
86 – Nora Mørk (Vipers)
77 – Henny Reistad (Esbjerg)

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