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2 former champions, 3 nations, 30 home wins, and 3,170 goals

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The draw for the semi-finals of the EHF Finals Women 2022 on Thursday includes two Danish teams – Viborg HK and Herning-Ikast Håndbold – and one from both Germany and Romania: SG BBM Bietigheim and CS Minaur Baia Mare.

They advanced from the quarter-finals, which contained 504 goals. While Herning-Ikast, Viborg and Bietigheim are still undefeated in the EHF European League Women this season, Baia Mare became the only team to beat a group winner – Sola HK – in the quarter-finals.

Here facts and figures of the competition so far ahead of EHF Finals draw on Thursday:

1 team made it from the first qualification round to the quarter-finals – but lost there: Sola.

2 teams that started in the second qualification round have made it to the EHF Finals: Herning-Ikast and Bietigheim; Baia Mare and Viborg were seeded for the group phase.

2 teams that played at the inaugural EHF Finals 2021 are back at the final tournament in 2022: Baia Mare and Herning-Ikast, who both lost in their semi-final last season.

2 EHF Finals 2022 participants have won an EHF club competitions before: Viborg (Champions League 2006, 2009, 2010; EHF Cup 2014; Cup Winners’ Cup 1994, 1999, 2004) and Herning-Ikast (EHF Cup 2004, 2015; Cup Winners’ Cup 2004, 2011).

3 matches with the highest number of goals since the start of the group phase all took place in the quarter-finals.

3 nations are represented at the EHF Finals Women 2022: Denmark (two teams), Romania, and Germany.

3 teams won both quarter-final matches: Viborg, Bietigheim, and Herning-Ikast.  

3 goals was the smallest aggregate margin in the quarter-finals: Viborg vs Storhamar 71:68

3 group phase winners made it to the EHF Finals: Herning-Ikast, Bietigheim, and Viborg; the fourth group winners, Sola, lost to Baia Mare in the quarter-finals.

4 matches since the start of the group phase have ended in draw, including Sola vs Baia Mare (29:29) in the quarter-finals.

4 different nations have won the last four editions of Europe’s second-tier women’s club competition: Russia (Rostov, 2017), Romania (Craiova, 2018), Hungary (Siófok, 2019) in the EHF Cup, and France (Nantes, 2021) in the EHF European League; Romania are still in the race for the 2021/22 trophy.

10 matches since the start of the group phase ended with a winning margin of at least 10 goals, including one quarter-final: Bietigheim vs Besancon 30:20.

10 wins from 10 matches (qualification, group phase, quarter-finals) is the perfect record so far this season for both Herning-Ikast and Bietigheim.

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16 goals made Laerke Pedersen (Viborg) the top scorer of the quarter-finals; Viborg teammate Kristina Jörgensen followed with 15.

16 goals was the biggest aggregate winning margin in the quarter-finals: Bietigheim vs Besancon 59:43.

23 matches (17 in the group phase, six in the quarter-finals) ended with 60 or more goals.

21 goals was the biggest winning margin in a match: Viborg vs Vac 42:21 in the group phase; 10 was the biggest margin in the quarter-finals: Bietigheim vs Besancon 30:20.

30 matches (26 times in the group phase, four in the quarter-finals) were won by the home team; 21 (18 in group phase, three in quarter-finals) by the visiting team.

41 was the lowest amount of goals since the start of the group phase: Zagreb vs Mosonmagyarovar 19:22.

61 goals in group phase and quarter-finals make Sola’s Camilla Herrem and Viborg’s Kristina Jörgensen the top scorers of the competition; Jörgensen can still add to her tally at the EHF Finals.

+70 is the goal difference for Bietigheim after their six group matches and two quarter-finals.

75 was the highest number of goals in a match since the start of the group phase: Viborg vs Storhamar 38:37 in the quarter-finals.

177 goals have been conceded by Bietigheim in group phase and quarter-finals, which is fewer than any other team.

265 goals have been scored by Herning-Ikast in group phase and quarter-finals, which is more than any other team.

504 goals were scored in the eight quarter-finals matches (260 in the first leg, 244 in the second), an average of 63 goals; last season, 465 goals were scored in the quarter-finals.

3,170 goals have been scored in the group phase (2,666) and the quarter-finals (504).



Top 3s after EHF European League Women 2021/22 quarter-finals:

Most points (group phase + quarter-finals):
16 – Bietigheim, Herning-Ikast
14 – Viborg
12 – Sola

Most goals scored:
265 – Herning-Ikast
257 – Sola
247 – Bietigheim

Fewest goals conceded:
177 – Bietigheim
211 – Sola
218 – Viborg

Best goal difference:
+70 – Bietigheim
+43 – Sola
+41 – Viborg

Biggest winning margin:
21 goals – Viborg vs Vac 42:21 GP
19 goals – Bietigheim vs Baia Mare 39:20 GP
17 goals – Storhamar vs Cisnadie 35:18 GP

10 goals – Bietigheim vs Besancon 30:20 QF

Most goals per match:
75 – Viborg vs Storhamar 38:37 QF
72 – Baia Mare vs Sola 40:32 QF, Valcea vs Herning-Ikast (33:39) QF
71 – Besancon vs Sola 32:39 GP

Fewest goals per match:
41 – Zagreb vs Mosonmagyarovar 19:22 GP
43 – Sola vs Zagreb 25:18 GP
46 – Lubin vs Baia Mare 23:23 GP

50 – Bietigheim vs Besancon (30:20) QF

Top scorers of quarter-finals:
16 goals – Laerke Pedersen (Viborg)
15 goals ­– Kirstina Jörgensen (Viborg)
14 goals – Jelena Lavko (Maia Mare), Julia Maidhof (Bietigheim)

Top scorers of group phase and quarter-finals:
61 goals – Camilla Herrem (Sola), Kristina Jörgensen (Viborg)
51 goals – Jelena Lavko (Baia Mare)

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