Barça make it to Cologne as Karabatic bids CL farewell

MAL7445 V
EHF / Björn Pazen
The starting grid of the 15th EHF FINAL4 in Cologne is completed: after SC Magdeburg, Aalborg Håndbold and THW Kiel booked their tickets in a more or less thrilling or even miraculous way, record champions Barça did not have any problems to follow this trio, though the final result was close with 32:31. 
Frade Cropped
It's amazing! We are really happy and proud. We won there on the difficult court and now at home. We are ready for FINAL4. It was intense and difficult, but still we won and made our fans happy.
Luís Frade
Line player, Barça
Sole Cropped
It's not the scenario we wanted. We knew the qualificiation was almost lost, and there was nothing left to lose, but we tried our best. Karabatic? He's a legend. For me it's an honor to have played with him.
Ferran Sole Sala
Right wing, Paris Saint-Germain Handball

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