Men’s EHF EURO 2022 qualifiers to start as planned

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The European Handball Federation has confirmed the start of the Men’s EHF EURO 2022 qualifiers next week, with matches being played on 4/5 November (round 1) and 7/8 November (round 2).

Despite the fact that a number of matches across several of the eight groups will have to be postponed to a later date amid the pandemic, those qualifiers that can go ahead will be played as scheduled.

This also applies to the EHF EURO Cup 2022, featuring Spain, Croatia, and 2022 hosts Hungary and Slovakia.

“Matches will be carried out”

In a letter sent on Friday to all national federations concerned, EHF Secretary General Martin Hausleitner says that “many organisers have already arranged matches and, in some of the groups, matches will be carried out according to todays’ status.”

The health precaution measures and travel restrictions, which vary from country to country, pose a huge challenge to all parties involved - from clubs releasing the players to national federations and the EHF.

In some countries no matches are allowed because of the general health situation or limited possibilities for traveling and other logistic issues.

Positive Covid-19 tests of individual players are not taken into account.

“However, quarantines ordered by the state authorities have to be followed and might have an impact on the travel possibilities of individuals to and from the national teams,” Hausleitner explains.

EHF EURO 2022 qualifiers “of utmost importance”

“The EHF Competitions department is arranging those matches with the organisers and participating national teams that have the ability, and will postpone those matches, which objectively will not be possible on one or the other side,” the EHF Secretary General adds.

Hausleither calls the EHF EURO 2022 qualifiers “of utmost importance” for the national federations involved.

“Like always a balance must be sought between sporting chances and organisational standards, but in this specific situation health precautions play a dominant role as many of these decisions are not within the reach of sport,” Hausleitner concludes.

On eurohandball.com, the EHF publicises an updated overview of the EHF EURO 2022 qualifiers and the EHF EURO Cup 2022 matches that are postponed.

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