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EHF European League

Home teams take the victories in Sunday ELW action

EHF / Ida Hummeluhr

The third round of EHF European League has been completed where Nykøbing Falster and Pratiker-Vác were able to celebrate their first victories in the group phase - in Denmark it was a safe victory, while in Hungary there was tension until the end.

Tonight's matches in groups C and D also offered victories for the home teams, Sola and Thüringer, who could therefore be happy with important points on the account.

We played a very good first period, from start to half-time. In second half we used some time to find out of the defence for Schaeffler, but when we did. we got to find (our way) back to our own game and get a good goal difference in the end.
Steffen Stormo Stegavik
Sola HK Head Coach
I'm very satisfied with the result and our victory in the European League. I'm totally proud of my team. We defeated a good team with a lot of good and skilled players. Congrats to all of my players and thanks for the support to our super fans.
Herbert Gábor
Praktiker-Vác Head Coach

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