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EHF Congress moves to Vienna

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Following the meeting of the Executive Committee on Friday, 26 March, the European Handball Federation has decided to move the upcoming EHF Congress from Luxembourg to Vienna.

The decision was made after detailed consultations with the Luxembourg Handball Federation and an assessment of the organisational environment in the light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The EHF Congress’ dates, 23 and 24 April, remain the same.

"In particular the changed circumstances at the hotel hosting the Congress made it unfeasible to stage the event in Luxembourg," EHF President Michael Wiederer said.

Overall, 53 positions – including those of the EHF President and the Executive Committee – will be filled at this Congress and with more than 139 nominations from 38 National Federations in total, the interest for the top positions in European handball is high.

"For this electoral EHF Congress it is, of course, desirable that as many delegates as possible can physically attend, and we will make sure to guarantee the safety of everyone involved to the best of our abilities," said Wiederer.

"At the same time, the EHF has checked all legal requirements and it has been confirmed that the Congress can take place as a hybrid event or even with solely remote attendance, as long as the federations are able to participate in the information exchange and the voting processes."

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