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Boarding to EHF EURO 2022 complete

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Welcome to the summary for the EHF EURO 2022 Qualifiers final day. We had a short but action-packed evening in which the last six tickets to the final tournament were up for grabs. Here is how it all went down...

  • Serbia, France, Germany, Russia, Czech Republic, Portugal, Iceland, Slovenia, Netherlands, Norway, Belarus, Denmark, North Macedonia and Sweden had already all picked up their tickets will join EHF EURO 2022 co-hosts Hungary and Slovakia ahead of the final day.
  • On Sunday Austria, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Poland, Lithuania and Ukraine joined the list to complete full list of 24 teams at the EHF EURO 2022.
  • The final tournament draw will take place on 6 May 2021, live on EHFTV (with the pots to be announced on Monday)
  • Belgium, Finland, Turkey, and Latvia will enter a relegation round in order to reach the EHF EURO 2024 Qualifiers alongside Luxembourg and the three best teams from the IHF/EHF Trophy in Georgia (15 - 21 June)
  • Get your tickets to the Men's EHF EURO 2022 HERE! 


And thus, we bring our coverage of the EHF EURO 2022 Qualifiers to a close. You can find a summary of each group just below and until next time! 


The official list of nations competing at the Men's EHF EURO 2022! 

The final tournament draw will take place on 6 May 2021 with further information on the draw to follow in due course. 


It is a huge night for Lithuanian handball, despite losing by five to Portugal they have booked their ticket for the first time since 1998 to an EHF EURO tournament, well done! 



And the rest is now also official: congrats to Austria, Montenegro, Bosnia Herzegovina, Poland, Lithuania and the Ukraine on picking up the last six tickets to the EHF EURO 2022 in Hungary & Slovakia


As the results start to trickle in, we can start to assign some tickets, congrats to Austria! They have picked themselves up a spot with their 27:23 win over Bosnia Herzegovina


Currently, it looks like the six tickets will go to Austria, Montenegro, and the four third-ranked would be Poland, Bosnia Herzegovina, Lithuania and most likely Ukraine (with Switzerland still having a chance if they still manage to pick up at least a point). But all of this can still change, stay tuned!


What a crazy angle! Andrei Yurynok showing us he can sink a shot from zero-angle! Belarus of course have their ticket already while Latvia would need a massive win to progress and being behind by three (24:21) it isn't looking likely. 


Romania are now looking like they will need a lot more of this (see below). They were keeping up with Montenegro but have now falling back by two-goals... 14:12 with 42 minutes gone. 


While it isn't the norm, you got to love all the action at once, and we have the best to come still! Join us now on EHFTV and make use of the multi-screen option to watch your favourite games, just like Tim Dettmar did!



As it stands at the moment it would be Lithuania, Romania, Poland and Bosnia Herzegovina to progress, but a lot can change in the second half, so don't miss it!

Austria 15:15 Bosnia Herzegovina

France 23:13 Greece

Netherlands 17:16 Poland 

Portugal 11:12 Lithuania 

Denmark 24:11 Finland 

Slovenia 19:11 Turkey 

Montenegro 9:9 Romania 

Belarus 10:13 Latvia 

Faroe Islands 11:12 Russia 

Germany 17:10 Estonia 

Czech Republic 14:11 Ukraine 

Norway 23:9 Italy 

Iceland 21:14 Israel 

North Macedonia 16:16 Switzerland 

Sweden 22:8 Kosovo 




Montenegro vs Romania is the group 8 big crunch game and you can feel the nerves radiating from the screen. 

And it is Montenegro who are looking like taking that spot, they are 9:7 up in a nervy encounter; Marko Lasica (4/5) for the hosts has been best. While Romania have been spreading the scoring around...


In group 4 we see Portugal (already through) and Lithuania locked in a real battle (8:8, 23 minutes gone). Lithuania, with eyes on a ticket via a solid third-place finish, are looking for a point or two from Portugal and two men are really stepping up: Virbauskas (4/5) and Drabavicius (3/3)

Also in that group Israel need a win in Iceland and it is not looking good with Iceland having a 16:10 (21 minutes gone). 


Austria will be delighted with the start to their tie, it is 15 minutes gone and the hosts find themselves four goals up (8:4). Austria need a win, and Rober Weber (2/2) and Lukas Hutecek (2/3) have been brightest for the red and white. Check out Lukas in action below... 


We are 13 minutes into the Netherlands vs Poland (8:8) and both sides are firing all on cylinders in the opening minutes. Steins and Smits looking best for the Dutch with both men on 2/2 while Poland are looking to T. & M. Gebala with five goals between them!

Remember: the Netherlands, of course, came into today's match with a EURO ticket, but Poland can still join them. If they beat Netherlands Poles can go to the second or even the first spot. If they do not win, they finish third with either three or two points and a very promising goal difference.


We are off! All the action has thrown off over on, join us now and keep this open so you can keep you updated on all the happenings! 


Twitter is full of handball fans with the calculators out and working out all the potential permutations!


Just minutes away from Austria vs Bosnia and Herzegovina, each on four points. Don't forget Bosnia won the reverse fixture 27:21 and will qualify as the second-ranked team if they get at least a draw.

If Bosnia lose, they will have two points for the ranking of third-place teams. But it looks like a must-win for Austria as if lose, they will unlikely be able to finish among the four best third-ranked teams. 


We are just thirty minutes away from the throw-off of all 15 matches. Strap yourself in as it will be a wild evening, we will do our best to keep you updated on the status each team looking for those final few tickets to Hungary and Slovakia.


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