RK Trimo Trebnje CF Belenenses EHF LIGA 5.9.2020 3 2 L
EHF European League

Zorman’s side remain on the winners’ path

EHF / Björn Pazen

Grundfos Tatabanya were the favourites, but in the end, the maiden voyage of Trimo Trebnje continued in a victorious way. In the first group match of both sides, Trebnje’s goalkeeper Urh Brana and a strong team performance in attack paved the way to this away win for the Slovenian side. 

Grundfos Tatabanya KC (HUN) 
vs RK Trimo Trebnje (SLO) 26:28 (12:14) 

  • Trebnje showed a great moral in the last minutes of the first half, turning a 8:11 deficit into a 14:12 advance at the break. 
  • Goalkeeper Urh Brana was the match winner for the Slovenian side with 16 saves and a percentage of 38 saved shots. 
  • Ten minutes before the end Trebnje seemed to have won the match already at 25:19, but then Tatabanya stroke back for 26:27. 
  • Finally the seventh goal of top scorer Gal Cirar for the final result made Trebnje jump for joy. 

Debutants with four victories in four matches 

Coach Uros Zorman can be extremely proud on his side: As debutant in European Cup competitions, Trimo Trebnje kept their clear record. The 28:26 at Tatabanya was the fourth victory in four matches for the Slovenian side. After easily beating Belenenses twice in the second qualification round, a buzzer-beater decided the 23:22 thrilling victory against Balatonfüred in the only match of qualification round 3, which was the ticket to the group stage.


It was the hardest game of the season as some main players were missing today. We played with full heart, that made us two points richer today.
Urh Brana
Player, RK Trimo Trebnje

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