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EHF European League

Magdeburg avenge defeat to La Rioja

EHF / Danijela Vekić

Even though La Rioja had a good performance and was even leading in the first half, Magdeburg had a more steady hand in the end. The German team redeemed themselves on home ground for another two points thanks to the Icelandic power of Ómar Ingi Magnusson, even though Augustin Casado Marcelo was deadly for their defense.

Group C

SC Magdeburg (GER) vs BM Logroño La Rioja (ESP) 33:31 (16:15)

  • La Rioja had a great start to the match and was in the lead until the 26th minute
  • Magdeburg had trouble in defense and still couldn’t find a solution for Augustin Casado Marcelo who scored 16 goals in total
  • on both sides goalkeepers had a good night; German duo Green-Jensen had ten saves, Aliaksandr Markelau ten
  • The German side had a breakthrough at the 45th minute, taking the lead to 23:20, which they kept until the end

Spotlight for backcourt players

Magdeburg returned to EHF European League with a win and it wouldn’t have been possible without Ómar Ingi Magnusson and Michael Damgaard Nielsen. The right and left back players of Magdeburg scored 14 goals combined while showing their strong shots. La Rioja was playing on the power of Augustin Casado Marcelo. This 25-year old centre back first time netted ten times and tonight he was unstoppable 16 times. Does that sound amazing? If not, his 64 goals so far this season certainly does.

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